Disturbing Dream

Last night I had a disturbing dream.

I was at a zoo and as I was walking along I looked up to realize that I was almost inside an open exhibit – in the midst of what was mostly the snake exhibits there was a huge 40+ foot python!


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The Essential Nature of Holiness – Hal Linhardt

Hal Linhardt is director of evangelism at International House of Prayer and a dear friend of mine. Hal pastored in Kansas City for 23 years and has served as director for IHOP evangelism for 7 years… These are my notes upon his talk, “the essential nature of holiness in regards to salvation – contending for the faith against delusional thinking and false assurance of salvation – do the warnings in Scripture mean anythign to the believer?


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No more excuses.


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On the convergence of Scripture and popular sayings, and our tendency to forget which is which.

The other day, as I was lamenting about how most job opportunities out there would be frustratingly supportive of things I am rather opposed to (such as sleazy sales techniques, companies that fund things that are quite unholy, or even working in a place with a wall of TVs and secular music blaring, or selling/renting movies that would have been called pornography a few decades ago and now have a PG rating, etc.) a friend of mine was telling me about how the Bible says I am supposed to be in the world and not of it. In fact, that phrase has come up quite a few times lately.

But I’ve been thinking about it. Where is the address of that supposed verse?


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A wall.

I feel I’m hitting walls sometimes. It can be most difficult to witness sometimes when people want to believe they are quite content in their world the way it is. Pride gets in the way a lot. I can’t say I would react much differently to someone who came up to me on the street. It’s hard. It’s harder when it’s friends and family, you have to see them again but the urgency of the message is the same! We are not guaranteed tomorrow. There is a real heaven and a real hell. Later might not come. People die. People you just saw not too long ago, today they’re not here anymore. So why hold back the truth in light of being less offensive, why make it a process, why be a “friend” who does good works so as to arouse curiosity yet never talks about the one thing most important to you until the “right time” – months down the line it hasn’t come? What kind of friendship is that?

I’ve found that people actually aren’t unforgivingly offended when you are their friend and yet right up front with Jesus in the midst of it. (more…)

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The Existence and Majesty of God, 0.1

I picked up this study by Stuart Greaves, director of the Nitewatch at IHOP. I decided that I will be typing my responses to reading this book on this journal. Disclaimer: This is done under IHOP’s statement that the copyright on their teachings is the “right to copy.” This is just my summary and my thoughts as I go over the teaching, because I learn best by teaching, so I am taking and either paraphrasing/rewording/flat out copying what is written, so that I have to process it and it gets in my head better. 🙂 Enjoy!



To make music inspired by the Holy Spirit

These are my notes on a Misty Edwards sermon about Prophetic Musicians. It’s from the first time she gave this talk, ever. I suggest listening to the teaching here. (more…)

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D.S. al Fine

D.S. al Fine: Return to the sign, and carry through until the end. (more…)

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I have to say, I like the layout of this site much more than the other free weblog site I have been using. Much less tacky adverts in the corner, so I think I will be moving over to here from now on. I’ll just have to take some time to figure this place out…

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