To make music inspired by the Holy Spirit

These are my notes on a Misty Edwards sermon about Prophetic Musicians. It’s from the first time she gave this talk, ever. I suggest listening to the teaching here. I’ve written down a few points that stuck out to me.

The new song is mentioned 9 times in the Bible. 7/9 is directly linked to the end times. When the Word of God talks about a song, it is in relation to relaying a story, to mark history. Songs were a way to teach history lessons. So a new song is marking a new part of history being recorded. So singing the new song of the Lord is relaying the story of the new thing He is doing.

(semi-accurate quote) Do you know what it would look like if real singers and musicians lived like John the Baptist? … Rockstars don’t normally want to live a fasted lifestyle. It’s kind of a contradiction… the Lord has created these tensions between the artistic personality… the person who is musical in their being, it’s usually a certain kind of personality… but the Lord is saying… I want you to pray more, to fast more… I want to use you as a vessel for such a time as this

And when the new song is mentioned, it includes all of the nations of the earth. It’s a global reality. I think the prayer movement is involved in that.

There’s no other way to get 100,000 people in a stadium all saying the same thing, feeling the same thing… 100,000 people unified at the heart level – it’s only possible through song. Can you imagine 100,000 people unified at the heart level, and crying out for the Spirit of God to break in on our city? There’s no way He can resist that.

And then you have that happening all over the place.

…and the world begins to look at us and think ‘what is on those people that is drawing them to that music?’ There is so much power upon music!!! And now, doing our little IHOP chorus, we’re doing them over and over and over and over again, but it’s exercising that muscle…

He wants us to be unified at the heart level  – the John 17 reality, that we would be one as He and the Father are one. The Revelation 22 reality, of the Spirit and the Bride crying “come”

The very Spirit of God is musical, that’s why we’re musical, we’re made in His image… and He’s praying to the Father, “I want them to be unified, I want them to be entering in to this song…”

and then we enter into this song, and we say “take the scroll… get this show on the road.” The new song is a multitude… who are looking at Him and going “open it!”

Can you imagine, when He actually answers that cry to take the scroll in the last 7 years of human history? Do you KNOW what we’re a part of?

Music, in and of itself is nothing. In and of itself, music can lead you into darkness. But musicians and singers, in this generation, are born to usher in His appearing. He is trying to get a people unified with this song, to take the scroll. The power of the song is that it brings unity – with each other, and with His heart. As singers and musicians, we should be theologians.

One of my biggest pet peeves is flaky musicians. BAH! Yuck! Who ever said that musicians/singers can’t understand the Word of God? we should be leading the way in theology, in song writing, with theology that’s going to change the understanding of Christianity. We should be owning this Book as much, if not more, than the preachers and teachers. There’s not much worse than a flaky musician! We have to grow in our capacity to understand the Word if we’re going to be oracles of the living God…

I don’t want to just be spontaneous, although that’s awesome, I dont want just a cool jam session, although that’s awesome – I want the unction of the Holy spirit, and that takes a lifestyle, I want the true unction of the Holy Spirit, i want the witness of another age to bear down upon the words that I sing, the songs that I play, and the rhythms that I play, and the chord progressions that i choose and the melody lines that i play I want the weight of the Spirit to bear witness because the message that’s coming through the song, He bears witness with

if we want to be true prophetic singers, prophetic musicians, we have to give ourselves to the Word of God above all else, eat the scroll.. i mean i think we use the word ‘prophetic’ a little too much – have you ever looked at hte old testament prophets? and obviously the NT , prophecy in the NT is different – can you imagine if we lived that radical? as singers, if we took ourselves that serious, do you know what i mean? He takes us that serious, how come we dont take ourselves that serious.

I have so much zeal about getting people, with understanding, into the Word of God…

in the book of Rev., starts out in rev. 4 with the beauty realm of God – throne rm, eternal realm of His beauty, then it goes on into the Worthy songs, then into the New song – which are judgment songs. As singers/musicians, we have to have all 3 realities

if we just go the judgment rt – sometimes I’m prone that way… want to call fire down, that’s what i want – but the Lord is like – you have to have all 3! the beauty of God, the worthiness of Jesus, and the reality of the coming judgment. You can’t separate those. You have to have all 3 realities or you come out of balance.

Why the song?

The song is what releases the activity of God – not because God just likes music, or something… but it’s the profound unity of one another with the heart of God. it’s not the song itself, but union with God’s people and God’s heart. It’s impossible to enter into the fullness of this without the song. I think He’ll release the greatest demonstration of power with the song. . .

It wasn’t my profound skill, it wasn’t my profound language, it was God Himself who was going to show up with the song of the Lord… God Himself bore witness… answered the of humility, the cry of longing for His presence.

I love IHOP. I’m so grateful. but.. this… this is not it. If this is it, then… oh man. This is not it. We’re only at the mere beginning of the beginning of where this thing is going. The Lord’s presence is going to come in answer to our crying out to Him day and night! …like light is going to break into a room because the atmosphere is God-friendly – not seeker friendly, not seeker-sensitive, but we’re trying to get HIS attention… worship – coming before a LIVING BEING and asking Him to come down and bring the two worlds together.

There’s so much more, we don’t even know, we’ve only just begun, and for such a time as this we’ve been brought here. The power of music and Truth coming together. the Truth that comes out of God’s heart. God is musical. when it talks about the throne, there’s lightnings and thunderings – but then there’s noises and voices. He is musical, He moves with music, His heart – the rhythm of heaven… i can’t even fathom what those sounds and that rumble is like, and I wanna touch that so bad! Can you imagine when that music comes together with the Truth of His heart and it’s expressed, even dimly, through His vessels on earth? can you imagine? light will break in! because it’s agreement with the worthiness of Jesus, agreement with God.

I am plagued with this, because it seems like we’re so far from it, and i want it so bad, this is all I am living for and I will do whatever it takes to position myself, my heart…

What if you’re a musician in this room, and the Lord just gave you a melody straight from His heart? melodies from the throne room… melodies that will write truth on peoples’ hearts… rhythms that are straight from teh throne room – so much acctivity around His throne, that the more we give ourselves to this thing, the more He’s gonna give us – when the new song goes forth in Revelation, the temple is opened… in response to the new song. Same thing in the OT – when the priests start singing, in unison, then it says that the temple is opened. AHHH what will it look like when the Lord opens up the temple, and we actually are there? can you imagine? can you IMAGINE where this is going? what are those NOISES around His throne? i don’t think we have any IDEA what we’re touching. the ETERNAL uncreated God! I’m just repeating myself because i feel this ACHE inside of me, ahhh, i want to move foreward in it. We have to position ourselves, take ourselves seriously enough to live this kind of lifestyle, to prophesy – it’s not really that mysterious, like elisha or elijah or … it says, in the NT – all your sons and daughters will prophesy. He wants it worse than I want it , this little ache i feel right now… can you imagine what HE feels? He’s looking down at our little planet, at the darkness, and saying “I would that you would know My heart! that you could experience My emotions. I would that you would stop running around in circles and come to Me!”

-Misty Edwards.

Right, that’s why I liked her.

I am on fire.

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