Disturbing Dream

Last night I had a disturbing dream.

I was at a zoo and as I was walking along I looked up to realize that I was almost inside an open exhibit – in the midst of what was mostly the snake exhibits there was a huge 40+ foot python!

I was shocked that it wasn’t enclosed in a cage. This thing was big – if I would have tried to put my arms around it, I would not have been able to reach all the way. I looked up and it was wrapped in these huge trees, going across several trees around the entire room. I looked at my friend to tell her about it, and above her head I saw the snake’s massive head – which was as long as her torso, the size of a human torso with wide jaws. It was just curiously looking around at the people moving about. I was thinking to myself, “this could eat a full sized deer, it could certainly eat a person, why is its cage designed so its head can reach out to people? why is this allowed to be intertwined around every other exhibit so that everyone is within its reach? Are we safe outside the “cage,” because its reach goes beyond the supposed cage…”

As I was thinking this, I looked and saw some college-aged and teen-aged people actually right under teh snake in what I would have considered the “cage” which was on the other side of a very low railing. There was a girl who was on her cell phone looking up at the snake. The other two people realized they were really close to the snake and that it was probably dangerous. Cell phone girl was engrossed in her conversation and started poking at the snake without necessarily realizing what she was doing. Next thing I know, the snake grabbed her and pulled her into the air and began to wrap around her. She was a little unsettled but still kind of calm, not acting like someone who is in any danger. That changed quickly – not her attitude, but the apparency of her danger. With a loud crunch, the snake tightened its grip and crushed her bones, and then readjusted, and did it two more times until she was dead, and then proceeded to consume her.

Now, as I was dreaming this, I was thinking about how much I did NOT want to be seeing this, and I wanted OUT of there. I had just been at church with a very awesome time in the presence of God and the Holy Spirit, and had gone to sleep to the prayer room with Cory Asbury + team singing “I’ve got a river or life flowing out of me…” and I wanted dreams reflecting that song… not this! I was absolutely disgusted by this sight! I wanted so badly to turn these images off. I wanted to plug my ears and not hear each crunch. I wanted to look away but I was unable to not see the image of what happened.

People didn’t seem to react! I was at a counter and talking to a zoo employee, I mentioned the danger of the open exhibit & reported that the girl had been killed and eaten. The employee got very quiet and told me that they’re not supposed to discuss those incidents with visitors…

That is the end of the dream as I remember. Now, I have a tendency to have very, very vivid dreams, but there are certain ones that have a mark on them, where I wake up with a sense of something bigger attached to the dream. This doesn’t happen often. This is only like the 3rd that really sticks out in my memory right now. I feel like the interpretation is quite apparent, but I am curious as to what others think the Lord has to say through this, if anything.

p.s. as I typed up this dream, the song Holy Visitation (my recording is from the prayer room sung by Misty Edwards…of course… but it’s by someone else.  Here’s a recording by Rita Springer) came on, and I wanted to share the lyrics.

Sound the alarm, gather the people, gather the elders, let the ministers wail,

Take back the years the enemy has stolen, Lord you are coming with a Holy visitation

We return to You with fasting and weeping and mourning

Oh, my Lord, You’re returning…

We lie here weeping between porch and altar

Pour out Your Spirit on Your sons and Your daughters

And we dance, we shout, we lift up our voice, let Your Kingdom come down!

Sound the alarm, awaken the watchmen, open their ears, let their voices be loud

We prophesy, Oh, come to this nation, touch this generation with a Holy visitation

There is such an urgency with the reality that God is real and He is coming soon! His coming is imminent – whether in this generation or not, our lives are 70, maybe 80 years assuming we live them out. Eternity is a breath away. There is an urgency for every single person, the urgency of this song… everyone will have an encounter with the Holy and either be destroyed as stubble and hay and wood or they will be refined as gold and silver by the consuming fire.

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