I began a crusade for myself this month to go through Scripture with fresh eyes, looking only at what it says and ignoring what I’ve been taught about it to the best of my ability… interpreting the Word through the lens of the Word. I plan to continue this and read through the Bible a few times. It’s kind of insane. It’s writing itself on my heart, though.

I highly recommend it.

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Really enjoyable music

Sorry for the green tags. This song, out of Psalm 24:1-2, really moved me. There’s something on that chord progression.



Today over lunch the Lord gave me interesting insight.

I was talking to my roommate about classroom format. She is an accounting major, and one of her classes is formatted differently than any class I’ve taken: They’ve gone over 80% of the semester’s material before the first test, and then they are spending the rest of the semester going over it in full detail.


I’ll rejoice in His goodness

For some reason, there is something entirely less motivating about typing up an entry on someone else’s computer. Something about not having everything where I like having it if I should desire to pull up some resource, or something. I don’t know. Something just takes away from the flow of things.


I love to sing along and mean it

Sing with caution. Sing with fear and trembling before the Lord. This song is beautiful, the words are powerful.



I am ferociously hungry.

Right now I have a biochemistry exam approaching on  Tuesday. I have an Adaptive Physical Education exam Monday. I have a Human Diseases exam and paper due Tuesday. I have a Computers assignment due Wednesday. I have the weight of unemployment and bills and rent hanging over my head.

But all I want to do is read the Word. All I want to do is devour it and conform myself to it.

I feel like Zindendorf. (more…)

I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time

IHOP Harp & Bowl Sing-along

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The Lord loves me and He is pursuing me with fire in His eyes.

Two days ago, I prayed for the Lord to take away anything getting in the way of total nearness to Him. (more…)

I trust You, God.

It’s better to take refuge in You than to trust in princes.

All man’s empty promises lie broken at Your feet, but You have never broken one.

I will fear You and trust You above any other. I will lay my life in Your hands, You are my only lover. Only You sustain, You’re the lifter of my head, You’re my portion and my inheritence, my very present help, You’re my fortress, my stronghold, my strength and my shield. When the world rise against me, I will stand firm, for God is for me. I stand on His promises. I stand on His word. I stand on my heart’s cry, my “yes” to Him. I stand on my cry that I made yesterday, “Lord I trust You, God I want you, so if there’s anything that’s stopping me from getting all of You, take it away.”


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Mercy and the Fear of the Lord

Transcribed from a seminar on singing prophetic oracles. (more…)