Mercy and the Fear of the Lord

Transcribed from a seminar on singing prophetic oracles.

You cannot have confidence in His mercy unless you have the fear of God, because you don’t know you need mercy until you have experienced the fear of God – this God, who we so flippantly come before, and we worship and we sing songs and we act like He is our best friend,which He is, but we act like we know -and which we don’t- but when we come before Him, this God should crush us, and has more than the capability to: He has the right to, and His justice says that He should… and we come before Him, trembling in awe because He DOESN’T… I am well aware of my sin, & the Bridal Paradigm is, I come before Him and I go “I have played the harlot over and over and over again. I have sold myself to other lovers. I have chased so many other lovers. My heart has gone in so many different directions.” But when I stop, and I go for that abandoned dive, and I come before Him and I say “I am Yours,” it’s like the harlot in the NT when she broke the vial at His feet, and He says over her, “The one that has been forgiven much, loves much,” and then out of that place comes an overflow of gratitude, because He should crush us, He should not have us coming into His presence over and over and over again, when I sin over and over again, but the one that has been forgiven much loves much, and gratitude is the key to unlocking the heart. Gratitude. You don’t want to sing a song of the Lord without gratitude. Gratitude will be your safety net the rest of eternity. Gratitude is the one thing that Lucifer, the worship leader of heaven, didn’t have. He didn’t have the gratitude that made him love much, so he exalted himself… if we do not have humility and gratitude before God, knowing that it is His mercy that lets us even stand before Him, then we will exalt ourselves, too, and He will have to bring us down.

-Misty Edwards

I recommend listening to the entire message, especially if you are a worship leader.

The link above no longer seems to have it available, try going here and scrolling down to “prophetic oracles”

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