The Lord loves me and He is pursuing me with fire in His eyes.

Two days ago, I prayed for the Lord to take away anything getting in the way of total nearness to Him.

Yesterday I woke up and my macbook’s hard drive had crashed. I proceeded to have some of the worst events that have happened to me, all in the same day. Like arriving at school and finding out I had a test in my first class that I had completely forgotten about. Things like that. Text messages accusing me in my walk with God…

I think I already wrote about that, but last night I went to bed feeling absolutely in love, almost drunk with love, lovesick even. I desire Him so much. He desires me so much. I am my Beloved’s and His desire is for me. He loves me. He is active in removing the things that hinder our love from full expression. I felt the love of God in a way I had never known it. I felt so pursued. So enjoyed. So delighted in. I felt loved. I felt worthwhile. I felt valued. He wants me.

Scripture has gained new depth. I can’t read about His love for me without wanting to cry in joy over His heart, His beautiful heart. I was reading Song of Solomon tonight and reading,

gaze on King Solomon with the crown
With which his mother has crowned him
On the day of his wedding,
And on the day of his gladness of heart

Now, for those who aren’t familiar, there’s a history of interpreting Song of Solomon not only as two human lovers, but as a story between Christ and the church. Jesus is the Bridegroom King and His Beloved is me. As I read this I delighted in His emotion… there is a day coming that He is looking forward to, the day of His wedding, the day of the gladness of His heart… He is coming up in glory, He is coming up in celebration, He is coming up in victory, He is coming as the Lion of Judah who has prevailed, who has won His beloved, freed her, bought her with a precious payment, who has wooed her and won her heart, and He is fierce like a lion in His love for her, intent on His delight, this is the day of the gladness of His heart – becoming one with His bride, the church. Amen.

And I am a part of that. He wants her pure. He wants her spotless. He is betrothed to her and He will let nothing touch His beloved, the apple of His eye. Want a knight in shining armor? Read about the King of kings, on His white horse, crowned with many crowns, with fire in His eyes, a robe dipped in blood, coming to tread down the winepress of the wicked, to remove all evil from the earth, to bind up the devil for 1,000 years, to reign, and to claim His bride.

Want an epic story? Read the story of God and His bride. His beloved. His absolutely ravished heart that will stop at nothing to win her, who will tear down strongholds and come in might and power with eyes of fire, with glory, and with gladness in His heart to redeem her and marry her.

He is beautiful.

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