I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time

IHOP Harp & Bowl Sing-along

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  1. Is this for real! Or have we entered the disney land of Jesus

    • What do you mean?

    • Its a seventies (in time and presentation !) video. The presentation and ‘sing along’ is like something from a childrens programme and makes one feel patonized to say the least. So I ask is this for real.

      As for representing the flavour and essence of Jesus then in their mind he seems to be stuck in the same place they are.

      To bring a child hope you step into its heart and become at one with them, thats child like, not childishness which is what I see on this video.

      To gift Jesus to anyone you allow him to show you who you are, whoop the bits that hinder being at one with him and in the process of emptying yourself take on board his image and leave your own self image behind.

      To me this is mockery and cultish and an insult to a great healer and king.

      Allow him to take your kingdom and he will gift you his. This video is of their kingdom and it shows. Man out front Jesus reduced to .

      • What do you know about International House of Prayer?
        This video is meant to be lighthearted. This weekend is their 10 year anniversary celebration, celebrating what the Lord has done in their ministry. This video was done as a light-hearted explanation of the organizational style behind how they run their 24/7 prayer meetings, 2 hour set at a time.
        It’s meant to be joyous and light-hearted because it’s a celebration weekend. If you’ve been in any of their 2 hour meetings you can see how the 2 hour sets have an order to them as they go by – it’s how theyve been able to sustain unceasing prayer and worship for 10 years. The people singing this light-hearted song are some of the worship leaders and musicians from the house of prayer. Their full time job is to worship Jesus, pray, and to keep the behind-the-scenes things running at IHOP. They live on support as missionaries. I have met a good number of the people in the video and I tell you, their hearts are in love with Jesus. Many of them have sacrificed financial security and comforts and have lived lives in love for Jesus. Their hearts are sincere.

        I suggest you watch some of these videos to get a better feel for what they are really about.

  2. You have a passion. Don’t let it be for IHOP

    • Who ARE you?

      I enjoy that place. Living there has deepened my walk with the Lord and changed it from fringe to fierce.
      The Lord has used it in my life. Just because He has something different for you doesn’t mean you have to assign motives to my enjoyment of what the Lord has done in me through the lives of the people at IHOP.

  3. When the Lord comes who knows who he will favour, Don’t let yours be man

  4. Who are you the Lord is asking. Is your identity tied up with IHOP or him. In revelations we see the various churches as ‘he takes us on a journey and shows us who they are. Lukewarm, Lodicea, etc., its a journey, don’t linger to long or they will entrap you in their traditions, music, and patronidge and charisma. When you are in a place of lonely, alone, hurt, pain, etc., its easy to embalm yourself with people, places, etc., when you are in the vulnerable their are those that will be ‘happy to lead you’ ! Family is easily given through church when in some way yours in not available or has let you down thats the danger. Jesus never entrapped or deceived or gained in any way from anothers ‘poor’ no matter what form in came in. He took that which held us captive and set us free. What is freedom in those terms. Not being bound. if we are in need in any way we are bound. Its not about not haveing money, its not about denying oneself, its not about being smiley and happy, its about saying Lord I am hurt help me to see why, Lord I am angry help me to see why, Lord ‘I AM’ help me to be in your humility not mans or what man thinks of yours.! You don’t need a church to heal you, thats just a building, you don’t really NEED people or their opinions per sae IF YOU NEED IN ANY AREA OF YOUR LIFE THEN YOU WILL ALWAYS BE VULNERABLE TO THOSE WHO WILL USE OR EXPLOIT IT. First seek within your heart then he will show you mans which in the process will reveal his.. It can be a lonely process as he whoops relationships, take false hopes, releases you from temptation and show you truth. When the cross you bare is taken freedom in him begins. Daily we are judged in some way, we don’t feel right, don’t look right, don’t feel a part of, we judge ourselves more than he judges us and thats why church if it becomes too compfortable for our pain can stop the process of a deep healing that will never again leave us needy or needing. I LOVE YOU he says in ACTS let me take your spirit of doom, false pride, grief, then when you and if you are ready we can walk further and deeper into my heart.

    Who Am I you ask. He daily shows me

    People may deceive us he never does even though it hurts for a while as he shows us through his eyes who they are.

    Have faith in yourself my friend for his love is greater than theirs and he knows you in the deepest places and the highest places not them. GOD BLESS
    and thank you for responding, you have blessed, as I hope I have.

    • Thanks for your concern. The Lord knows my heart. I enjoy IHOP and I’ve learned a lot from their teaching, but it’s pointed me to Jesus.

      A church is not just a building. The building has nothing to do with it. A church is more like people living out Acts 2:42-47. And look – it addresses need as well. The Lord meeting peoples’ needs, through His people living the life he called them to.

      We do need people. The Lord made us that way. In Genesis, before sin, the Lord declared that it is not good for man to be alone, so He made us each other, man and woman to be companion and helper to one another.

      It IS about denying oneself. The Lord Jesus Christ said that to follow Him one must take up their cross and deny oneself daily.

  5. Then peace be with you the lord never denies a person his desire but gifts an even greater one for him to follow. I hope that the veil over IHOP will be lifted and for you to witness truth.

    • could you please explain the basis of your reasoning that I am under a “veil of IHOP” that needs to be lifted?

      • Read again my comment: The veil over IHOP be lifted so that you may witness truth.

        The enemy veils our site so that only his is known. The enemy veils our reasoning so that only his is known. So I ask that all veils be removed so that we may see, and I include myself in that also, who is of him and who is not. When you witness with, for and through the eyes of Jesus the veils are removed and we begin to see through the enemys darkness that he would have us ‘sit’ in and walk in. So may any veils be removed that prevent you from his hope, love and compassions. Its not concern I gift its passion that you may have all he has to offer and not get side tracked into a system of worship or a religious spirit that would have you stall in your journey toward his whole heart. For the love he has to offer is beyond mans and beyond limit and never ever fails us, yet few are prepared to pay the price.

    • Like, is your concern with IHOP on the whole, or just my individual involvement?
      I am curious as to why you’re putting the effort into giving unsolicited advice. I am not upset, just curious as to your own motives.

  6. You will know the difference between unsolicited advice and a gift that is being offered to you. Love hears those who call him, love knows those who would prevent us from receiving therefore let not mans worship limit yours but seek to be who he worships for he truly worships us if we allow him to.

    • That comment is either presenting a bold-faced lie, or the wording is off. Did you just say that he worships us?

      ..So are you opposed to the idea of having any type of system in place for worship?
      I know IHOP is not a perfect place. The Lord Jesus said we know by fruit. IHOP’s ministry has borne tremendous fruit for the Lord in my life and in the lives of others.
      The system is not law. It’s not placed above the Lord. I’ve talked to worship leaders who have been there since IHOP’s inception that will be the first to admit that. It is in place to facilitate order, but the purpose is Jesus.

      I don’t desire a religious spirit. But you are implying that IHOP is acting in a religious spirit.

      As for systems of worship, the Lord Himself has set up quite a few of those on the earth and in heaven…

  7. I said the Lord worships us yes. He adores us and lives only for us and as we shed the desires of man from our hearts then also can we join him in his worship of his people.

    He delivered us from evil (thats says to me he worships us and wants us set free)

    He heals us from a broken hearts from judgements, from hate etc., that says to me he is someone who deeply loves us. I worship him, but first he had to worship me all the way back from grief brokeness and pain and in the process of us walking together we got to know each other. His passion for us is agony, his love for us is agony and in the handing over of mine I got to know his and to see that is only desire is to worship us. To love someone is to worship them, or should be,yet we fall short because we are afraid of loosing what little love we have. When I allowed him in it brought me to my knees, it rendered me totally helpless and left me for dead. Never do I hope for man anymore to help or heal me only him. It was a breaking down of all my ‘systems’ comfort zones relationships untill there was nothing left to take. He loved me all the way through but never allowed me to give in. I stand because of him and love him so much it hurts. When you have his depth you also have yours.

    IHOP or any other place of facilitation can only take you so far, he takes you all the way. I go out in worship with and of him now and never desire his love without him gifting mine first. To go thru the agony was agony yet I would have never have known how deep is his desire and love for us. Never did he judge me. He just loved me.

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