I’ll rejoice in His goodness

For some reason, there is something entirely less motivating about typing up an entry on someone else’s computer. Something about not having everything where I like having it if I should desire to pull up some resource, or something. I don’t know. Something just takes away from the flow of things.

I am very excited for the work the Lord is doing all around me. My church is on the brink of something huge, it feels like something is about to explode out here. Monday night’s “Yearn” meeting was amazing. It was far worth the sleepless night I endured afterwards. It was so worth it to see the joy bursting forth in the room, and the Lord breaking down walls in peoples’ hearts, and in my own. I crave those moments. There is nothing like encounter with the person and presence of God. The more I get, the more I crave. He is exceedingly worth it.

And when I think about encountering Him, and I number my days, and I look at an eternal perspective, the stresses of today get really small, and the worth of following Him gets really big, and I love this new perspective.

It reminds me of the psalmist’s cry for the Lord to teach us to number our days. When we think about how much of a vapor life is, how fleeting 80 years truly is in the scope of things, it changes things. Forgiveness becomes the only option. Radical repentance becomes a joy. Self-denial, fasting, emptying of oneself of all things worldly doesn’t take a second thought. I’m not saying I’ve arrived or anything, but the more I grasp the eternal, the less I want the temporal.

And I only want more!

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