Really enjoyable music

Sorry for the green tags. This song, out of Psalm 24:1-2, really moved me. There’s something on that chord progression.

I wanted to say something about the quality of music that comes out of the prayer room – as a musician of many instruments, there’s something in me that gets very, very easily distracted when something’s off in music. Sorry if that seems like it’s shallow, but the psalmist does often exhort the musician to play skillfully unto the Lord! Just as it can be a distraction when someone can not speak clearly while teaching a message, it can be a distraction to me when something is not being clearly communicated musically during a worship music set, i.e., instruments out of tune, singers off key, musicians not playing together, etc.

But on the other end of the spectrum, when there are moments when everyone gets in their pocket while playing, things can flow out of that place! It has power on it.

When Saul was afflicted by a tormenting spirit, David was called in to simply play his harp with skill – the musician who loves the Lord, playing skillfully the songs that flow from a heart connected with the Lord, was able to ease the affliction upon Saul!

Even Elisha, when he was about to prophesy, called “bring me a minstrel!” and it came about that when the minstrel played, the hand of the Lord was upon him…(2 Kings 3)

There are so many people out there that are calling upon the wrong source for musical inspiration. There are many musicians out there who have admittedly gained inspiration from demons or demonic experiences, and countless more who have claimed inspiration from those who had the demonic experiences.

But the prayer room births music that claims inspiration in the Holy Spirit… amen.

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