Door to Door…

After two and a half long months of applying for jobs with absolutely no interviews – make that, withouth even any word back from the places I’ve applied – I finally got a job. It’s far from glorious – it’s something I wouldn’t have seen myself doing, yet it makes perfect sense at the same time considering my summer Evangelism program and the door to door witnessing we did on occasion.

I’ve been going since last Wednesday – not very long, but enough to get a good perception of what it’s like. It is far from easy! But it is good – my job gives me freedom to witness to people, to interact with people, to just get to know people. I can go as fast or as slow as I want to, it’s up to me. I do have people who I report to, but they are very laid back and they are doing the same thing I am.

Tonight, I got invited in to join a lovely couple for dinner, and just got to know them over delicious home-made-from-scratch beef stroganoff and Dr. Pepper. Mmm! It was wonderful to just get to know people and share a bit of my life with them and hear a bit of their own – and make money doing it! Plus, with every door answered, the fear of man is broken off of me more – and yet I see it on others so strongly. So often I am met with skeptical looks at the door, and I have to break off the idea that I am trying to rip people off or scam them. I don’t entirely blame them.

Let me explain. My job is door to door sales, in essence. But we’re not selling for company profits. We’re working to raise money to help children from around the state who have been in accidents – helping their families with medical bills and helping the children have normal lives. Right now we’re raising money to get a Locks of Love wig for a little girl who was attacked by a cougar in East Texas. Skepticism is understood, but in the midst of the generousity of so many people who don’t have much to give, the skepticism can be frustrating particularly because of who it is coming from. Those who very apparently aren’t as well off are the ones who are typically the most welcoming and giving. It’s often the ones who are quite apparently more well-off that are the ones who are quickest to tell you all the reasons they cannot and will not help.

It’s just been quite interesting! I’m truly enjoying this experience, I believe that there are many character-forming things that can be gained from this if one allows it to happen. I recommend a person try door-to-door sales at least once in their life. It’s one of those things that just teaches you a new way to live. If nothing else it’s teaching me to relate to people quickly and freely! You HAVE to be yourself in this. You have to just let yourself be yourself and not let the demeanor of the people you’re talking to upset you. If you are yourself, they can tell. If you’re not, they can tell even more. If you’re yourself, they will be themselves and stop hiding behind their security doors. When I am myself, I get invited in to join dinner. The other day someone gave me an umbrella. People have been so sweet.

This job is one of the hardest, yet one of the most rewarding I’ve ever had!

And I’m getting great exercise. Word. 🙂

p.s. I don’t know if I wrote on it, but my computer recently decided that it would be great for the hard drive to have a head crash so I’m currently sans-Macbook whilst hitting the streets and earning a living, but once I get this down steady and start getting paid and pay off a few people who have helped me out during the job search, fix my balding tires, and get myself a bridesmaid dress for a wedding I’m in, as well as get some savings to pay rent… sometime, eventually, I will be buying a new hard drive and hope to get some creative things up – artwork, and hoping to record some original music and get that up as well!!! If you’re reading, pray for me – pray for favor while I am going door to door, and pray for the Lord’s provision for my every need (and more friendly families that will invite me in to dine with them!)

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