Ephesians: My Identity

Yesterday Misty was talking about a golden thread of the Bridal Paradigm and Song of Solomon being weaved throughout the rest of scripture – she made the excellent point that our intimacy with the Lord really hinges on keeping that Song of Solomon “I am the beloved of God” view as a view threaded throughout the rest of the Lord’s interactions with His people, because it really is. So much of the Word is the Lord talking about His people as His beloved bride, and what He’s doing for her and what He’d do for her and what He did for her and how she responded.


So, in keeping with that, today during the 2pm WWW, which was on SoS so kept me in that viewpoint, I took the book of Ephesians, the first two chapters, and did something I’ve done time and time again and ought to do every day because it still is so rich and such a good reminder, and I easily forget it…

and I thought, “Lord, my heart is dark, but you have called me lovely. I see dark, but You see lovely, I say dark, but you have said…”

I have said dark, but He has said… and take Ephesians 1 & 2 and look at what the Lord has said of His saints through the book of Ephesians!


I’ve done this list several times. Here’s one of them…

I say dark, but You say…

I am blessed; chosen; holy; blameless; loved; predestined; adopted; under grace; redeemed; forgiven; shown the mystery of His will; given an inheritance, a hope, and a praise in Him; saved; sealed; pledged; His possession; made alive in Him; seated in the heavenly places; His workmanship; reconciled; a citizen; a saint; of God’s household; founded on Him; a dwelling of God in the Spirit

Ephesians 1&2 (NASB)

I highly recommend it!

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Misty Edwards – Eternity – Chord Chart

I noticed a few visitors to my page looking for this so I decided to make one real quick.

(Am, G)

Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy

Eternity’s eternal song

Is drawing me and calling me away (x2) (more…)

Oldies but goodies.

I’ve decided to put up some old songs I wrote using a few computer programs. I am hoping this will encourage me to learn garageband and start recording song ideas for my own memory in there…

So enjoy. Feedback is welcomed and desired.


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First benchmark: topped 1,000 views total this week.

Y’all really love this IHOP stuff I’ve been putting up. I do too, so I suppose I’ll keep doing it…

But right now I have schoolwork to do, it’s that last crunch before Thanksgiving, so until then, go to http://www.ihop.org/watch

Then go to Sunday night, Part 1

Fast forward to about 2 hours, 30 minutes in

Watch the Baptisms and testimonies!

It’s been one of my favorite parts of this whole thing.


Edit: They’ve actually pulled the baptisms out so you can view them much easier. They’re under “highlights” on the flash player. 🙂

Wes Hall: IHOP-KC Renewal Story

A few memorable quotes from last night’s service

Here’s a play by play as I typed it yesterday



it’s 11:30 on a Tu morning and several hundred people are gathered in a room, worshiping Jesus, & have been for hours & hours and will be for hours & hours. Several HUNDRED. Signs, wonders, healings, deliverance, the Presence of God in a real way. http://www.ihop.org/Group/Group.aspx?ID=1000051963 Suddenly, big things… get really big and little things get really little and eternity becomes of utmost importance.


Just watched two people testify of healing that JUST occurred in the prayer room at IHOP – sciatic nerve pain GONE, uneven legs made even. Praise God! This is going on all night. 


He’s real, He’s here, and He’s after your soul!


a mighty move of the Holy Spirit…


Right now many of our parts is getting rocked with the Holy Spirit, but we’re all one body, so we can join in together. DC, CBC, Spokane, BU, KC, all believers are His body. He’s rocking us all over. Amen! The Lord’s pouring out His presence in KC right now..This very moment.


peoples’ hearing is getting healed left and right.”Now hold on one second… we just had about seven people stand up here and share about how they got healed. I want everyone to stop and lift your eyes to heaven and just thank the Lord for what He is doing and tell Him how you love Him.” -Allen Hood, RIGHT NOW


People are getting healed and delivered like it’s going out of style. And they just busted out a contemporary version of Handel’s Messiah…


“You’re My child, You know My voice, no more confusion!” the Lord is breaking off lies!


“The prayer&fasting, it’s about the NEW WINE!’The new wine is the power of My Spirit, being released into your spirit’you know what the new wine does to you? It causes you to do things that’re a little crazy,cuz the Lord is far beyond our comfort zone,we dont have the capacity for all that God wants to give us,the pray…er&fasting is unto the release of the new wine that makes the heart glad!”


“But the Lord did in 2 days what YEARS of counseling would have took! and He set me free, and I’m FREE!!!! AND THEN HE FILLED MY HEART WITH JOY! JOY!!!!!!! WOO! I’m His favorite!”


Weeping may endure for the night, but it’s only a season, so hold on, there is JOY in the MORNING… so hold on! Joy is gonna come, He’ll give you beauty for ashes, praise for heaviness, He’ll bring you joy! He’s the God of JOY! we trad our sorrows for joy!


Blessing and honor and glory and power forever, to the Lamb who is worthy!!! http://www.ihop.org/watch Free webstream runs 6pm to midnight all weekend! Paid webstream runs 24/7 and covers IHOP’s bandwidth cost for streaming high quality live video and music from the prayer room! God is pouring out a new measure of His Spirit at IHOP right now and I highly advise tuning in.


“I felt the embrace of the Father, and felt depression and hopelessness come off for the first time since I was 13… “


There is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on an unusual level at International House of Prayer right now. Every night at 6 pm there will be a special service with testimonies given of what the Lord is doing.

Webstream is free right now ’cause of the move of the Spirit, and man, let me tell you, watching the webstream the presence of God comes through the testimony and seeing others set free. I’m being hit with wave after wave right now.


Just watch this and see: http://www.ihop.org/Group/Group.aspx?ID=1000051963

I play the drums, yo

Tonight I decided that i wanted to hear how it sounded to everyone else when I played the drums so I recorded myself… then I decided it would be cool to hear it alongside what I was playing with in my headphones.



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Laura Hackett – When I Am Afraid chords

Note: It’s not in the key on the CD. It’s in the key she did it in the prayer room on Oct. 28th. The key for the CD is 1 step up.

Note 2: if you purchase the actual CD from IHOP, it’s enhanced with the chords and lyrics. 🙂

F#m, A, Bm, D

When I am afraid I will trust in You
When I’m overcome I will cling onto
The Rock that is higher
He’s higher
The Rock that is higher

F#m, E, D, C#m

When my enemy’s too strong for me
I don’t know how to fight the fear
That comes against my heart and mind
I call upon the name of Christ
He’s higher, He’s higher, the Rock, He is higher

When my enemy surrounded me
He comes to steal my joy, my peace,
I let go of my reasoning
And fall upon the Rock that is higher
He’s higher, the Rock, He is higher

F#m, D, Bm, E(C# and C#sus 2nd time)

I will not build my life
Upon the passing sands
Of how I feel inside from one moment to the next
But I will love You, Lord
My Rock, my God, my Strength
A precious cornerstone the floods of death could never shake

Bm, C#(switches to C#sus also)

Oh, for there is no peace of mind
Outside of Truth in Christ
For the fear is real, and its power can kill
But the stability of our times
The stability of our times
Will be (the rock that is higher, He is higher)

Fling Wide the Door to My Soul

I’ve noticed a lot of visitors to my blog have gotten here searching for the chords to this song… so I’ll be making a chart for that soon. I’m typing this between classes right now, but check back for it this evening or in the next few days.

This is the basic chord chart for the way the song is done in the Thursday evening worship here.

It’s not perfect, either. I like it this way, but I’d say that the chart over at SOAR is worth checking out and comparing.

Intro/interlude: D, G, D, G, Bm, G, Bm, G-A-Bm-A/C#