Ephesians: My Identity

Yesterday Misty was talking about a golden thread of the Bridal Paradigm and Song of Solomon being weaved throughout the rest of scripture – she made the excellent point that our intimacy with the Lord really hinges on keeping that Song of Solomon “I am the beloved of God” view as a view threaded throughout the rest of the Lord’s interactions with His people, because it really is. So much of the Word is the Lord talking about His people as His beloved bride, and what He’s doing for her and what He’d do for her and what He did for her and how she responded.


So, in keeping with that, today during the 2pm WWW, which was on SoS so kept me in that viewpoint, I took the book of Ephesians, the first two chapters, and did something I’ve done time and time again and ought to do every day because it still is so rich and such a good reminder, and I easily forget it…

and I thought, “Lord, my heart is dark, but you have called me lovely. I see dark, but You see lovely, I say dark, but you have said…”

I have said dark, but He has said… and take Ephesians 1 & 2 and look at what the Lord has said of His saints through the book of Ephesians!


I’ve done this list several times. Here’s one of them…

I say dark, but You say…

I am blessed; chosen; holy; blameless; loved; predestined; adopted; under grace; redeemed; forgiven; shown the mystery of His will; given an inheritance, a hope, and a praise in Him; saved; sealed; pledged; His possession; made alive in Him; seated in the heavenly places; His workmanship; reconciled; a citizen; a saint; of God’s household; founded on Him; a dwelling of God in the Spirit

Ephesians 1&2 (NASB)

I highly recommend it!

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