Benchmark: 2000 views

Wow! I can not believe how many people are coming here. Overnight we seem to have hit the 2,000 pageview mark.

As a celebration, I will take requests – chord charts for a few IHOP songs. Post your requests, I’ll make the charts.

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Insight: Biochemistry, and how it relates to my walk with Jesus

I have a key stuck in the drivers’ door of my car. It’s not a car key. It kind of looks like one, and it sure slid into the keyhole(put there by a roommate while I was gone), but the thing will not come out. I even had one of those lock picking companies take a look at it. They said that, in order to get the key out, the lock would have to be removed from the car, disassembled, the key removed, and the lock reassembled. I promise, this plays in.


Preview Misty Edwards’ new album(s)

Big news: they just announced that Misty Edwards will be releasing two new albums on December 28th, 2009.

One of them (Fling Wide) is a live album, and the other (Point of Life) is a studio album with a rather unique sound. Something very interesting about Point of Life is that it heavily features Dave Wiens on the Chapman Stick, which is an incredibly versatile instrument. It sounds to me that the song “Eyes for only You” includes the Udu drum as well, which is a drum I actually recently became very interested in due to its unique sound. I’m not positive on this, but pretty sure!

To hear samples from the album as well as the official descriptions, please visit this page on Forerunner Media Group’s website.

You know, how about this. I’ve included a couple of great videos of the Chapman Stick and the Udu drum, because those instruments are incredibly interesting. Check out the Hang as well. I am fascinated by these instruments, such a unique sound, good to see that Misty’s new album will incorporate them. (Aside: I don’t think there’s any hang drum on her album but it’s just a really neat instrument.)


House of Wine- Misty Edwards – Chords

I saw a few people came here looking for these so I thought I’d write out a quick transcription. I’m not claiming that they’re definitely right but I am pretty sure. As played 12/14/2009, (video here)

A/C#                   G

In the house of wine

D/F#                                 A

At the banqueting table

His banner is love

and He satisfies, yeah He satisfies

with love,

love, love


I’ve also heard it done (D/F#, C, G/B, D)