House of Wine- Misty Edwards – Chords

I saw a few people came here looking for these so I thought I’d write out a quick transcription. I’m not claiming that they’re definitely right but I am pretty sure. As played 12/14/2009, (video here)

A/C#                   G

In the house of wine

D/F#                                 A

At the banqueting table

His banner is love

and He satisfies, yeah He satisfies

with love,

love, love


I’ve also heard it done (D/F#, C, G/B, D)

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  1. hey,is this one of misty’s songs or is it someone elses? anyone know? also, there are other lyrics too, here they are:

    in the house of wine at the banqueting table
    where…his banner is love & he satisfies…he satisfies…(repeat)

    with love…love (repeat)

    his left hand is under my head…his right hand embraces me
    his sovereignty goes behind…his strength upholds me

    he’s all around…(repeat 6x) me

    • i am almost positive it is a misty song.

  2. Is there a video clip of this song anywhere?

    • not sure. i can take a look around for you.

    • well i’ve put one up. 🙂

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