Preview Misty Edwards’ new album(s)

Big news: they just announced that Misty Edwards will be releasing two new albums on December 28th, 2009.

One of them (Fling Wide) is a live album, and the other (Point of Life) is a studio album with a rather unique sound. Something very interesting about Point of Life is that it heavily features Dave Wiens on the Chapman Stick, which is an incredibly versatile instrument. It sounds to me that the song “Eyes for only You” includes the Udu drum as well, which is a drum I actually recently became very interested in due to its unique sound. I’m not positive on this, but pretty sure!

To hear samples from the album as well as the official descriptions, please visit this page on Forerunner Media Group’s website.

You know, how about this. I’ve included a couple of great videos of the Chapman Stick and the Udu drum, because those instruments are incredibly interesting. Check out the Hang as well. I am fascinated by these instruments, such a unique sound, good to see that Misty’s new album will incorporate them. (Aside: I don’t think there’s any hang drum on her album but it’s just a really neat instrument.)

note: these will sound best through speakers with a good bass capacity (i.e. NOT laptop speakers) – in-ear headphone earbuds, studio monitor headphones, speakers with a subwoofer, etc. . . to catch the low tones. You can’t appreciate the fullness of the sound of the Udu drum without being able to hear the subs.

Chapman stick & Udu drum:

Udu drum:

Chapman stick:

Hang drum:

Enjoy. 🙂

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