Onething 09

Well a few days ago I got back from onething, IHOP-KC’s biggest conference of the year. I believe attendance actually broke 20,000 people this year! I highly recommend visiting and viewing the conference archives while they are still up, particularly the Wednesday morning teaching by Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission. It was phenomenal.

I enjoyed getting to take a trip back to IHOP and to lean on the Lord’s provision the entire time I was there, from finding a ride a week before going to finding a place to stay 2 days before, and then taking each day moment by moment to figure out how I would get to and from the conference. I basked in the Lord’s favor during onething, He provided so much and basically gave me a playground to explore. It was wonderful!

While at the conference, I got to volunteer with the Forerunner Evangelism Intensive, which is an internship that I went through at IHOP summer of ’09. I got to speak with many people about the internship and it was so much fun to go through the crowds and meet people! I love the atmosphere at IHOP, particularly at onething and other conferences, though it’s far from day-to-day mundane IHOP that I love so much, there’s an energy of people coming from all over to experience something that they’ve never experienced before – there is an expectancy.

Not to mention, about 750 were baptized during the conference. Amen!!! Oh I so recommend that if you did not get a chance to watch the conference, visit IHOP’s website and watch the archives here.

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