A sheep that devours other sheep: Just as bad as a wolf in sheep’s clothing

It’s interesting. I’ve been searching for blogs to follow on wordpress…

In the process I have found blog after blog with post after post attacking specific people and specific ministries. They claim these people to be wolves in sheep’s clothing, citing specific sins or associations with others who they believe to be in error.

They attack and tear down, ignoring the fruit of the ministries… I’ve seen people tear down for every reason – from associations with those who have given false prophecies, to statements taken out of context, to tearing them down for dancing.

Some of these things are legitimate errors made on part of the ministers being attacked.

Some of them are just silly doctrines.

But when it comes down to it, it really just comes down to sheep acting as wolves, calling out supposed wolves in sheep’s clothing, but acting as wolves themselves in the process.

Jesus told us that many will come in His name to bring deception. He told us also that we can discern, by the fruit borne. It’s so easy to fall into this mindset. I’m guilty of doing it too.

Just because there are tares in a ministry doesn’t mean that it is not of God. Jesus Himself walked with Judas Iscariot in His closest inner circle during His earthly ministry. By the logic of these people, Jesus’ endorsement of Judas Iscariot by allowing Him to be trusted as keeper of the moneybag and allowing Him into His closest inner circle means that we should discount the discernment of Jesus and deny His teaching. Jesus also sat under the leadership of and learned from the same Pharisees in Jerusalem who later killed Him.

David committed adultery and murder but he had a heart after God. Saul only took some sheep which was a wise economic choice, but his heart was far from God.

We dissect peoples’ external actions, but have no scope for where their heart is before the Lord. It’s ridiculous. I am sure some of the people who are doing this walk closely with the Lord.

But there seems to be a place of ignoring His teaching to discern by the fruit, not by the action itself. And the understanding that tares grow up amongst wheat, and they look the same. Each individual is to be judged by the fruit. Ministries on a whole can be judged by their fruit, and each individual worker in the ministry can be judged by fruit.

Does this ministry and my involvement in it bear fruit for Christ? Yes? Then I will continue partnering with it. No? Then I will get away from it. We’re each called to different places. We all sin. We all screw up. The point is our heart before the Lord in those moments – when my error is revealed, do I try to cover it up or point the blame at another, or am I repentant?

What causes fights and quarrels among you? Is it not your own selfish desires?

I just had to get that off my chest.

God, help me. Help me not to stand in judgment of others, but to use discernment by seeking Your face, by walking in obedience to You, and by observing the fruit of my activities and affiliations. Let me not tear down what You have planted, and let me not grow discouraged when others come to tear down the work You are doing in me and through me. Help me to walk humbly before You, to love You, and to keep that as my aim. I am so prone to jump to conclusions and then react in anger when others do the same to me. Help my outlook. Help my blindness. Help me.

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  1. If my plumber rips me off then I have a right to be angry, to warn others of his ways, and to not feel guilty in the process. Its no different when it comes to church.

    Taking advantage of someone is just as prevelant in ministry as it is in the plumbing ‘ministry’.

    Church in America makes thousands of dollars out of its congregations in the supposition that they are better able to ‘get them healing, closer to God, and ‘maybe even a seat on the ‘front row’ on Sunday. Fleecing the flock ie; Robbing Peter to pay Paul,as they say,has got way out of hand.

  2. After having created a blog, like you, I started to look for people to follow and came across your log…as well as many ‘bashing blogs’. I went to onething this last year as well and was blown away with a new understanding of God’s love. If someone is coming against God’s people then He will deal them. It’s not our job to grab a soap box and tell the world how awful they are. He said, “Vengeance is Mine!” Keep up the good blogging. 😀 kielydion.wordpress.com

    • I don’t know how I missed this reply. I was going through my old blog posts and just found your comment. Thanks for your remark. I hope your blogging has gone well these past two and a half years. Come back and take a look around, I let this blog go in to hibernation for a while but it’s waking up now and I have some exciting stuff planned -especiallyif you enjoyed onething! 🙂

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