Happy Holiness…

I need more of this.

Wes Hall speaks on happy holiness, the spirit of the age, our eye gate, our ear gate, the things we give worth to and give our attentions to, the fear of the Lord… what we entertain ourselves with…

Stresses of life… Yet will I praise


Not unheard or unseen in the southwestern deserts of Arizona and West Texas. Get just a little bit outside of the city and it’s quite common to hear their yips and howls in the late hours of the night. Growing up in far north Phoenix, Arizona, I am quite accustomed to seeing coyotes.

What I am not accustomed to is hitting one at 11:30 pm 140 miles east of El Paso along I-10 at highway speeds. I’m not accustomed to having my car overheat in the middle of nowhere. I am not accustomed to being stuck in a motel for 2 nights and watching the little money I had left in my bank account go towards repairing an accident that shouldn’t have happened. The only money I had to survive on for the next few months – as long as I could make it last, at least. It was the money I was going to use to move, ideally to Kansas City, or to wherever I can go when my lease runs out in May.

This week has been difficult – no, this year has been difficult. Last May the Lord told me life was soon going to be different. (more…)

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