Do you know the way you move Me? – Chords

I saw that some people had been directed to my page looking for the chords to this song. It’s relatively easy so I thought I’d let you know how to play it. I’m gonna apologize in advance right here, the formatting of this blog doesn’t let my chords line up perfectly where they should. Listen to the song for when to change chords. Sorry!

The basic chord layout for this song in whatever key you’re in seems to be 6, 7, 8, 6, 5, 4.

For example, the easiest fingering for it would be

Em, D/F#, G

Do    you      know

How you’ve

Em,       D,     C

Caught my    eye

In the secret place

Where you’ve chose to die

Em             D/#F     G

Do you know the way you move me?

Do you know the way you move me?

Do you know the way you move me?

Do you know the way you move me?

That chord progression repeats the entire time,

For the rest of the song the power comes from hearing Holy Spirit and what He is speaking to the room. Listen to what He is saying to the room at that time, I promise it will move your heart so much more than just repeating word for word what is on the CD.

You can use a capo, or change the chords, I’ve heard it done in many different keys at IHOP. Just do the 6, 7, 8, 6, 5, 4 chords.


I play bass in addition to the drums

Way back put up a video of myself playing some drums. I also play bass … you know, if the two bass instructional videos didn’t give you that hint… here’s the official declaration.

That being said, here’s a video of me playing around on bass to one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists on one of my favorite albums- Narrow Way by Audra Lynn off Fading from IHOP.

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How You Wont Relent is REALLY Played…

Ok. So the other one is a good how-to for anyone with a 4 or 5 string bass. This video shows you how to play it as it’s actually played… to the best of my knowledge. On a 6 string bass. 🙂

Edit 8/6/10 I added a bass tab: Relent 6 String Bass Tab

Just a note – if you want to change keys, just remember that the song follows a basic 6/4/1/2 chord progression