Ezekiel (Seraphim) – original song

hey all,
just wanted to share this song i wrote and recorded.


Ezekiel (Seraphim) Key: E, 74bpm 6/8 (recorded at ~68)

C#m                                                    A

Who is this One? Eyes a flame of fire, shining like the sun
I am undone, Seraphim     cry    “Holy!” I gaze upon the Son

Instrumental break (2 sections)
[C#m, B/D#, E, G#m, C#m]
[C#m, A]

A                    C#m
All cry “glory” in Your presence
Holy, holy,      this is Jesus

[A2, A, A2, A, F#m, E, A2, A, A2, A, C#m, B, A]
Holy (repeats)

original low quality recording:
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