“Greenwood” by David Mahler

Hey, folks, making a huge comeback from my hiatus by giving props to not one, but TWO awesome musicians I’ve come across in my journey. Check out my previous post from tonight for a song by my friend and worship leader, Genevra Collins… and check out this post for a great recommendation of an album I am absolutely loving lately.

Greenwood is an album featuring an instrument we don’t see often: Hammered Dulcimer. You might not be familiar with the instrument, but you will fall in love with it after but a few moments of listening. It’s beautiful. It sounds percussive, yet rings like a bell and resonates with such crystal clear tone, like something somewhere between a harp and a guitar. Confused by my description?

Let the instrument speak for itself.

Head over to http://www.DavidMahler.com/music and listen to some of the preview tracks from “Greenwood”

(I recommend “Tripping Feet” as my favorite…)

And then pick up a copy!

Enjoy 🙂

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