The Beautiful King, the Beaten Man

Hello, all. I wanted to share a bit about something I was meditating on today… by accident 🙂

I was on and decided to listen to the series on prayers to strengthen your inner man. I recommend it – I’ve included a link to the teaching series later in this post. I was listening to it while in the prayer room, and got to the 2nd session, which is on studying Jesus in the book of Revelation.

Meanwhile, the worship team in the prayer room changed out, and the team that came up began singing through Isaiah 53. So, I am sitting there studying the victorious and glorious Jesus who is coming again in all authority and power, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him… and then the worship team is singing about this broken man, who created human hands and then was beaten by the very hands He formed, who created mouths to praise him, and they cursed Him.

I was undone. Simultaneously meditating on Jesus in glory and hearing them sing about how low He came. I’ve been so moved all day by this, to the point of weeping, and so I am sharing it with you. I recommend taking a full 3 hours to listen to the teaching (Descriptions of Jesus in Revelation) and then listen to the worship set, which I have uploaded here.
I hope it moves you as much as I was moved.


Beginning a New Season

Hello, all!
Today I started a new season of my life and I’ve decided to keep the internet world up to date on my journey.

I have been living in Kansas City for about a year and a half now, and after a lengthy time of working and getting a few things in order in my house, I have enrolled in INTRO to IHOP, an internship at International House of Prayer. Today was our first day of orientation – I am official an Intern. I have been living here and serving in the missions base already, but I am finally moving towards doing this full-time! I am very excited for the season that is ahead and I hope to be sharing with y’all folks as the Lord does a work in this group of people on fire for the Lord. Feel free to subscribe to join with me in this journey. I hope to write things that serve as both a reminder to my own heart of what the Lord does in this season, as well as to encourage folks who aren’t here as to the testimony of the work of God’s hand in my life and in the lives of the people I am running with in this time.

A photo for your viewing pleasure behind the cut 😉