Harp & Bowl: Tips – Series

Folks, I’ve noticed a ton of people have been coming here looking for chord charts and worship info. I’ve seen the searches that bring you here, and I am responding accordingly.

I’ve been playing the “official” harp & bowl style for a good number of years now, (translation: I live in Kansas City and am on teams at IHOPKC), and have experience in the Prayer Room(s) as a musician on multiple instruments and even a bit as a worship leader. I am more than happy to share from my experiences and help others lead a gathering of people in enjoyable prayer – for when we enjoy it, we do it more, and when we do it more, we not only touch the heart of God, but our hearts are changed, and we agree with Him in His promises, and His heart is moved, and the earth is changed, and His glory goes forth… pretty much, I’d be foolish not to share what I know.

It’s not a bunch of hard & fast rules, it’s predominantly a communication model that was formed over trial and error over the years, and so it’s not the end-all method, but it’s one that we have found works quite nicely.

This is a heads up post, and I am kind of feeling it out. I will also have a co-series on Prophetic Musicianship.

Please, by all means, e-mail me at sierranoelburke@gmail.com with any questions you may have on Harp & Bowl, Intercession/Worship With The Word sets, Worship Leading, playing as a Musician, etc… Even stuff you are curious about. I will do my best to construct this series around what you really want to know (within reason). Perhaps I can even ask a friend or two to do a guest spot and help me answer these questions for you.

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  1. […] will be a co-series with my Harp & Bowl series. This series of posts will focus on the musicianship side of things, such as practicing your […]

  2. I purchased this mic after hemming and hawing over eBay and Craigslist and all sorts of advice from harp mic builders and found this mic to be the only one under $100, which was my budget. Several reviews and a killer price drop later, and I figured $49 bucks plus free S & H gets it a try! I never even tried it, just plugged it into my Blues Jr. amp when I was setting up to play with the church worship team! Bam. Wow! Dug the volume control, though it seems to go in reverse! Oh well. It trumped my previous Blues Blaster and Green Bullet mics, along with the SHure vocal mics I had tried. This was perfect for what I play and I feel it gives me a great sound in that tube amp! Go Hohner! I have only used it twice, so we will see on longevity, though it came w/a 2 year warranty. Hopefull I will get many more years than that. Love the Hi-Z plug in! Play on!

  3. You have written an incredible site.

    • Thank you so much. Be sure to subscribe to stay in the know for future updates and series!

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