What is your biggest hindrance to entering in?

Hello my faithful readers – hello to my new readers who may have just stumbled on here as well!
I must first and foremost apologize for my absence this past week – I have been relocating across the country and transitioning into some new roles and it has been a rather time-and-energy consuming process!

To follow up the question I asked previously, the thought I have burning on my heart this week is as follows:

What are the hindrances I am facing when entering in to worship? What are those “little foxes” that are “spoiling the vineyard” of my heart? What are the patterns and processes I’ve fallen into that are keeping me from the fullness of what He has for me?

I know that for me personally this changes season to season and I don’t want to go in to too much detail here because that’s a post in and of itself! Whether it be worries I am fretting over or simply a distracted mind thinkin on good things that are not The Best Thing, or silly things such as the mix of music or the temperature of the room, it seems that there are many cares of this world seeking to choke up the life I am living in Christ. I am glad He has given me everything I need for life and godliness… But sometimes I forget to utilize it! We don’t struggle alone folks.
What are your “little foxes” and how do you, in Christ, best “catch” them?

Answer in the comments 🙂

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  1. Mmmmmm good question for us. I like this because it causes me to stop and think seriously about my heart, the time He has given me and what am I doing with it. I agree that it changes season to season and even sometimes mid season. For me it is sometimes the responsibilities of every day life. Also the cares. Exhaustion as well. All summer I was in a romance season with Jesus, I still am but the time crunch is difficult. It makes me more careful with my time and making stronger attempts to schedule. Scheduling is hard for me being more a free spirited type of human.

  2. The computer. Constantly pulled out of engagement by this distraction, even when it is being used to glorify Him (ie: writing a blog, working on a sermon, teaching, etc.). The phone too (because it is my clock)! I like to just leave it some place when I go to the prayer room so it doesn’t distract me. Looking at the clock and thinking I have to be somewhere else soon is a HUGE hindrance. I like to go into worship with nothing on my docket for the day and no place to be later…it is liberating.

  3. For me, I can honestly say I am my own biggest hinderance. I could cite the computer, or business, or any of those type of things, but that would be a lie. If I am a lover of God, my love for Him will win out over those things.

    If I am distracted by my computer and not entering in, it is not the computer’s fault, but my own. When my heart burns for Him, I pursue. When my heart’s flame is growing colder, I do not pursue.

    So many of the things that distract us are not necessities, but we give them priority over God because we are not loving Him like we should. Even sleep will be second place when I am fully in love.

    This is not to say that lovers of God never sleep, but to say that they make time for Him every day even if it means sacrifice.

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