A Year (or two) in Review

Where to begin? The past couple years of serving with IHOPKC have been jam-packed with a wide variety of experiences.

I joined staff in Summer of 2012, and went to Arizona for 3 months to meet with friends and family and build a team of ministry partners. I spent the summer sharing about the prayer movement and my journey in the Lord, and returned to Kansas City in early October. I immediately hopped back in to service with Hope City, the inner city ministry of the International House of Prayer. I spent time there every week day, and when I was not there, I was engaging in the perpetual solemn assembly that is going in IHOPKC’s Global Prayer Room. With Hope City, I primarily served by helping run their prayer meeting, whether it was as a musician on various instruments or as a worship leader. At one point, I was serving in various roles on 10 different worship teams to help keep a prayer and worship service going in the heart of the inner city Monday through Friday from 8 am-10pm every week. This was a very exhausting but a very rewarding period of time. I was only able to run at that pace for about 3 months when I felt the invitation of the Lord to pull back from that level of intensity in that arena and transition into service with our Media team.

Let me explain a little about our perpetual assembly, because otherwise this next part won’t make as much sense. At IHOPKC, we have a worship and prayer meeting that goes all day and all night, and has done so for nearly 15 years without stopping. The details get interesting as to how we have kept going for 15 years, but it’s true, we have! We also began broadcasting this meeting around the globe via the internet as well as through GODTV. In order to run a 24/7 live broadcast, we need a 24/7 crew to run cameras, direct the program, and to mix the sound from the meeting. I was a part of that crew, in almost every possible capacity. I joined the Media department at the beginning of the year in 2013, and trained as a camera operator, running 6 cameras simultaneously to film the band, the worshipers in the room, and the prayers being prayed.


It was a very interesting role to serve, because my job was to show what was going on in a way that allows those viewing the broadcast to engage in the service without being distracted from it by what I am showing. It was an amazing experience to get to bring worship in to nations that are otherwise closed to the gospel. That’s right – you heard me correctly – our web stream is able to reach nations that a Christian worker would have a very difficult time reaching. I remember one of my favorite memories in mid-2013, where we received letters from the church in Iran from believers who were encouraged and strengthened by joining in intercession for the Church in Iran. These believers couldn’t always safely gather to meet and fellowship, but they could join with strangers across the globe in worshiping Jesus through our web stream!

Shortly after joining the Media department, I began to voluntarily fill in as a bass guitarist in the Nightwatch. I lived walking distance from the Global Prayer Room, and we had a few bad snow storms, so I was one of the only people who could make it in. After a few times of staying up late to help out, one of the worship leaders took me aside and asked me to do a trial run as her bass guitarist. Less than two weeks later, I was officially invited to join her team and the Nightwatch in a full-time capacity.

I should probably explain what the Nightwatch is… Simply put, you can’t have a night and day prayer and worship meeting without someone taking the night shift! The IHOPKC Nightwatch is a group of people who have committed their lives and their schedules around keeping the fire of worship and prayer burring on the altar for the Lord throughout the midnight hours. Each person on the Nightwatch has committed to coming in from Midnight until 6 am, 6 days per week, to intercede for God’s purposes and to exult the Name of Jesus.

One of the coolest parts about joining the Nightwatch is that when it’s the middle of the night here, it is the daytime elsewhere, so though we may not always be seen or heard in the United States, we get to serve the nations by standing and ministering in our night hours. It was powerful to know that as my worship team lead a room in prayer for Cairo, Egypt during the months of political turmoil occurring there, it was the middle of the day there. Though we could not see the Egyptian believers, we were praying for them, with them, and often heard from them of how they had been encouraged and strengthened by our prayers.

Once I joined the Nightwatch, I stayed. I am posting this now at the end of my night, it is 5:50 am and we are about to hand over the meeting to the morning shift. I continued working for Media, running cameras and sound for the live broadcast, and serving on worship teams. A few months ago I stepped out of Media and now serve in a double-capacity with the worship teams, serving on the platform as a musician to help facilitate 50% of the Nightwatch sets that occur throughout the week. It is a very full schedule! If you consider the fact that your church’s worship band leads about two 30-minute services per week and the musicians practice at least an hour or two for that, imagine the amount of work it takes to do ten 2-hour services each week! I definitely have plenty on my plate to keep up with all of it!

That’s not all the Lord has done in the last two years, but that is the short update. During that time there has been so much done in my heart that there is simply not enough room to unpack in one blog entry. I can’t wait to share with all of you on that. For now, enjoy the summary version of my life for the last two years, and keep checking back to get a little insight in to the rest of what He has been doing 🙂

Bless you

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