It’s easy to forget.

Still can’t get over how far I’ve come – 2 years ago next month I didn’t know how I was gonna make my bills, and called my student loan company weeping, asking to examine options for deferring repayment while I worked things out. The following month everything changed when Ashley Prior offered me a job playing bass (for real money) and I was able to work and save.  In the following two years, I went from having…

no money,

a car with serious repair needs and old tires,

single driver muddy in ears,

an old and partially floodwater-broken iphone 4,

an old line 6 pod XT live

not to mention a lot of loneliness and insecurity and a fear of vulnerability…

To having

a trailer trash board set up with real pedals (shoutout to my friend Bryan!!),

my own Westone dual-driver in ears, and recently upgrading to 1964ears‬ custom molded in ears(with encouragement and help from my dear friend Rachael),

a new(to me) MacBook Pro retina (with help from my good friend Matthew),

a new iPhone 6 (with help from Mom)

a car with 4 new tires, properly aligned wheels (a feat I had previously been told was not possible due to irreparable damage) and a brand new tie rod/etc with help from my friend Doug,

TWO jobs doing what I love (playing bass and running live sound),

a third job getting to delve into the edges of the medical field thanks to my friend Richard

And a much stronger view of myself and ability to open up with others, thanks to many of the aforementioned and also thanks to wonderful friends such as JayeJoanna, JD, Genevra, and many others…

So, in short, I have been abundantly cared for in both financial provision and with good friends. I am stopping to contemplate this, because it is so easy to lose perspective of how much good we have been given. I am thankful for this moment of clarity. I hope you also can get a moment outside of whatever fog has tried to swallow your light and remember all that His hand has provided.

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