About Sierra Noel

My name is Sierra Noel Burke. I grew up in Arizona, went to college to study to become a doctor, and during that time the Lord gave me a calling to serve Him as a missionary. I laid down my career and moved to the center of the USA and am an intercessory missionary, camera operator, sound technician, and musician at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO. From this tiny little room in Missouri I help to run and broadcast a worship and prayer meeting that has gone on for 15 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without stopping. This meeting is broadcast globally to nearly 200 nations, including those that are otherwise closed to the gospel. I have served on Ashley Prior, Rachael Dorthe, Collin Morris, Brandon Lautzenheiser, Alisha Powell, and Shawna Forrey‘s worship teams in the Nightwatch, which is the midnight to 6 am shift of our never-stopping worship and prayer. We can’t have 24/7 without someone taking the late shift 🙂

Why? Jesus is worthy of NIGHT and DAY worship. Psalm after psalm and verse after verse speak of His glory covering the earth, songs arising from every nation, and ministering to Him day and night. I just do my part to give Him what He deserves. I hope you enjoy this blog of my experiences as a prayer missionary. Please, take a look around. Feel free to leave a comment and say hello 🙂


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  1. God Bless you sister!

  2. Is their any way to contact you. Talk to you at IHOP. I play the bass guitar I would like to know what effects you use on “You Won’t Relent” in the Intro and what other effects you use. I have a 6 string bass. I watched you You tube video on it.

    • yeah sure! Sorry for taking so long to get back – my laptop has been out of commission, oops! you can email me at sierraburke at ihopkc dot org

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