Coming Soon: Prophetic Musicianship

What does it mean to be a prophetic musician? This is a question I have often asked myself, considering that I am one. 

I decided to set out to find what prophetic musicianship means to those who are doing it. Stay tuned for some posts giving insight on what it means to be a prophetic musician, shared from IHOPKC musicians and worship leaders such as Sean Downs, Travis Damme, Rachael Dorthe, and others. 

What are questions you have regarding prophetic musicianship?

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Interview with Genevra Collins – Part 1 – Prophetic Musician Series

I’m excited to continue our interview series with musicians and worship leaders in the house of prayer. For the first interview in the series, check out my interview with Jordan Marcotte. Today I am sharing part one of an interview I did with my friend and worship leader, Genevra Collins. I was fortunate to get a moment of her time while she was taking a break from recording her debut EP, Falling Awake. More on that later, though…

I first met Genevra shortly after moving permanently to Kansas City. She needed a bassist, and a mutual friend had heard that I played and was looking for a team. She gained a bassist, I gained a team, and we both gained a great friendship! Genevra is a worship leader, singer, and an everything-ist musician in the house of prayer. She has filled many roles here at IHOPKC, but primarily serves with our inner city ministry called HopeCity. She also helped with the launch of a house of prayer on the east coast, and we’ll get to hear her talk about that in part two of the interview.


Luke Wood – The Man From Nazareth (I Would Give Anything) Chord Chart

Hey folks, here is a chord chart and lyrics for Luke Wood’s song – I’m not sure of a title for it, but it is the one that starts off “I belong to the man from Nazareth…” and has the “I would give anything, nothing withhold” chorus.


“Do Not Fear” – Unfinished Song

Hi friends, I was going through old files on my computer today and found a few old songs I wrote in High School and College. I am going to be posting them up here and there for you to enjoy. I am a much better songwriter now, but I still look back fondly on these. This one isn’t half bad for something recorded and mixed in garageband through a laptop microphone, in a dorm room!


Interview with Jordan Marcotte – Prophetic Musician Series

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Jordan Marcotte. Jordan is an Intercessory Missionary and Worship LJordan Marcotteeader with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri (IHOPKC). I actually got to know Jordan while we were both helping lead worship at a small local house of prayer in his hometown in Kansas. Jordan has faithfully served in the local house of prayer as a worship leader and a musician, giving glory to God and singing for an audience of One. From there, he was able to serve as a watchman on the wall in the night as part of IHOPKC’s Nightwatch and Fire in the Night internship. He now serves as a full-time intercessor and musician at IHOPKC, on teams with both Misty Edwards and Audra Lynn. I was able to speak with him recently and pick his brain about his experiences in leading in the house of prayer.



Prophetic Musicianship: A Guide – Series

I’d like to introduce a second series I will be writing in the next months: Prophetic Musicianship.

This will be a co-series with my Harp & Bowl series. This series of posts will focus on the musicianship side of things, such as practicing your instruments and mindsets to take while playing prophetically that help the music support the worship that is being done, submitting to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and helping the room follow where He’s going. Music has an ability to alter the atmosphere and emotion in the room in a way that words alone cannot. This places an utmost importance on the musicians’ ability to play and express the emotions that are being communicated through the Word. This is the core of prophetic musicianship.

I am now taking questions that you may have about playing prophetically so I can tailor this series around what you would like to know. Please email me at with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!

Harp & Bowl: Tips – Series

Folks, I’ve noticed a ton of people have been coming here looking for chord charts and worship info. I’ve seen the searches that bring you here, and I am responding accordingly.

I’ve been playing the “official” harp & bowl style for a good number of years now, (translation: I live in Kansas City and am on teams at IHOPKC), and have experience in the Prayer Room(s) as a musician on multiple instruments and even a bit as a worship leader. I am more than happy to share from my experiences and help others lead a gathering of people in enjoyable prayer – for when we enjoy it, we do it more, and when we do it more, we not only touch the heart of God, but our hearts are changed, and we agree with Him in His promises, and His heart is moved, and the earth is changed, and His glory goes forth… pretty much, I’d be foolish not to share what I know.

It’s not a bunch of hard & fast rules, it’s predominantly a communication model that was formed over trial and error over the years, and so it’s not the end-all method, but it’s one that we have found works quite nicely.

This is a heads up post, and I am kind of feeling it out. I will also have a co-series on Prophetic Musicianship.

Please, by all means, e-mail me at with any questions you may have on Harp & Bowl, Intercession/Worship With The Word sets, Worship Leading, playing as a Musician, etc… Even stuff you are curious about. I will do my best to construct this series around what you really want to know (within reason). Perhaps I can even ask a friend or two to do a guest spot and help me answer these questions for you.

“Greenwood” by David Mahler

Hey, folks, making a huge comeback from my hiatus by giving props to not one, but TWO awesome musicians I’ve come across in my journey. Check out my previous post from tonight for a song by my friend and worship leader, Genevra Collins… and check out this post for a great recommendation of an album I am absolutely loving lately.

Greenwood is an album featuring an instrument we don’t see often: Hammered Dulcimer. You might not be familiar with the instrument, but you will fall in love with it after but a few moments of listening. It’s beautiful. It sounds percussive, yet rings like a bell and resonates with such crystal clear tone, like something somewhere between a harp and a guitar. Confused by my description?

Let the instrument speak for itself.

Head over to and listen to some of the preview tracks from “Greenwood”

(I recommend “Tripping Feet” as my favorite…)

And then pick up a copy!

Enjoy 🙂

Whisper – Genevra Collins

Hey all! It’s been a while, I know. I wanted to share a video from a few weeks ago, I played bass at IHOP’s Forerunner Christian Fellowship service for my friend Genevra Collins on her song “Whisper”
It’s a pretty catchy tune, with great words about our friendship with Jesus and holding the secrets of His heart and His desire to know the secrets of our hearts.

Check it out!

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Ezekiel (Seraphim) – original song

hey all,
just wanted to share this song i wrote and recorded.


Ezekiel (Seraphim) Key: E, 74bpm 6/8 (recorded at ~68)

C#m                                                    A

Who is this One? Eyes a flame of fire, shining like the sun
I am undone, Seraphim     cry    “Holy!” I gaze upon the Son

Instrumental break (2 sections)
[C#m, B/D#, E, G#m, C#m]
[C#m, A]

A                    C#m
All cry “glory” in Your presence
Holy, holy,      this is Jesus

[A2, A, A2, A, F#m, E, A2, A, A2, A, C#m, B, A]
Holy (repeats)

original low quality recording:
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