A Year (or two) in Review

Where to begin? The past couple years of serving with IHOPKC have been jam-packed with a wide variety of experiences.

I joined staff in Summer of 2012, and went to Arizona for 3 months to meet with friends and family and build a team of ministry partners. I spent the summer sharing about the prayer movement and my journey in the Lord, and returned to Kansas City in early October. I immediately hopped back in to service with Hope City, the inner city ministry of the International House of Prayer. I spent time there every week day, and when I was not there, I was engaging in the perpetual solemn assembly that is going in IHOPKC’s Global Prayer Room. With Hope City, I primarily served by helping run their prayer meeting, whether it was as a musician on various instruments or as a worship leader. At one point, I was serving in various roles on 10 different worship teams to help keep a prayer and worship service going in the heart of the inner city Monday through Friday from 8 am-10pm every week. This was a very exhausting but a very rewarding period of time. I was only able to run at that pace for about 3 months when I felt the invitation of the Lord to pull back from that level of intensity in that arena and transition into service with our Media team.

Let me explain a little about our perpetual assembly, because otherwise this next part won’t make as much sense. (more…)

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Under Construction

Hello, folks. I know I have promised a return from hiatus on more than one occasion, and then not actually returned. Long story short, the house I lived in didn’t have internet, and then we got internet, but my laptop wasn’t working reliably. I have a new laptop now and I will be working on bringing you all more content on prophetic musicianship, theology, worship, prayer, and a few other topics that the Lord has put on my heart. I really look forward to sharing with you all about what He has been doing in my time at IHOPKC these past two years as I have served on staff across various departments – Hope City (our inner city ministry), the Media crew (as a camera operator, director, and broadcast sound engineer), and my favorite – playing on several of our worship teams in the Nightwatch. I hope to share with you all what I have learned through serving in these various settings – now that I have a reliably working laptop, you can count on more updates on a more regular basis. Check back soon to see the first few installments on prophetic musicianship, and a more detailed update! 

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Prayer Room Funny…

Ok. Ever since this happened, for some reason I’ve been getting a good number of hits to this blog because people are looking for a particular funny from the prayer room earlier this week. I’ve decided to go to the webstream and snag out the clip people seem to be searching for.

Without further ado, here is the Misty Edwards “Cocoa Hot” story that y’all have been looking for!

I don’t speak officially for IHOP or anything. I’m just a person who thought this was hilarious, and noticed that people had been looking for it, so I’ve put it up for y’all. 🙂 Enjoy, and laugh. I know I did.

By the way, you can buy the original song on iTunes! I recommend the whole album.

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New Bass: Carvin LB76

I bought myself a Carvin LB76 on ebay recently. . .

Edit: 2 years later, I am so glad that I did. It is a phenomenal bass, sounds great, looks great.  My advice for those seeking to buy this bass would be – based on my experience – be patient. If you don’t want to custom order one from Carvin, scan local ads on eBay and craigslist. I scanned craigslist for a year, until just the right bass at just the right price popped up. Honestly, the day I found my bass, I wasn’t looking for a Carvin LB76, I was thinking that I could get a decent mid-range 5 string bass such as a Schecter Stiletto.

Carvin LB76 tri-pic

My Carvin LB76 in action…

My patience paid off, though, and I was able to get my bass used and in great condition for about what a Stiletto would have cost. The neckthru design is such a phenomenal option and I never want to go back to a bolt-on. The range of 6 strings opens up versatility so much, which is crucial in the setting I play in where we do a lot of improv. Sometimes we do not have an electric guitar or keys so I play more intricate parts across 2 or 3 octaves to fill out the sound. Having the amount of range available within a handbreadth due to the 6th string is incredibly helpful in those instances. For those considering this bass, I hope you’re able to find one and have the playing experience I have had. I hope my review is helpful, and I hope you have the success I have had in finding the bass that suits you.

If anyone else has one and wants to share their input, please, feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

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I had some free time and a Les Paul…

I had some free time and I am borrowing a friend’s Les Paul guitar right now, which sounds exponentially better than my electric. I was playing around with the guitar and decided to re-record Laura Hackett’s “I Put On Christ (The Battle Is Raging)” just for kicks. Enjoy. 🙂 I know, there’s no piano in it… and it’s not perfect. But it was fun to do!

Make sure to check out the official version of the song on iTunes!

A sheep that devours other sheep: Just as bad as a wolf in sheep’s clothing

It’s interesting. I’ve been searching for blogs to follow on wordpress…

In the process I have found blog after blog with post after post attacking specific people and specific ministries. They claim these people to be wolves in sheep’s clothing, citing specific sins or associations with others who they believe to be in error.

They attack and tear down, ignoring the fruit of the ministries… I’ve seen people tear down for every reason – from associations with those who have given false prophecies, to statements taken out of context, to tearing them down for dancing.

Some of these things are legitimate errors made on part of the ministers being attacked.

Some of them are just silly doctrines.

But when it comes down to it, it really just comes down to sheep acting as wolves, calling out supposed wolves in sheep’s clothing, but acting as wolves themselves in the process. (more…)

Benchmark: 3,000

As of posting this, y’all have viewed this page 3,000 times exactly.


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Benchmark: 2000 views

Wow! I can not believe how many people are coming here. Overnight we seem to have hit the 2,000 pageview mark.

As a celebration, I will take requests – chord charts for a few IHOP songs. Post your requests, I’ll make the charts.

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First benchmark: topped 1,000 views total this week.

Y’all really love this IHOP stuff I’ve been putting up. I do too, so I suppose I’ll keep doing it…

But right now I have schoolwork to do, it’s that last crunch before Thanksgiving, so until then, go to http://www.ihop.org/watch

Then go to Sunday night, Part 1

Fast forward to about 2 hours, 30 minutes in

Watch the Baptisms and testimonies!

It’s been one of my favorite parts of this whole thing.


Edit: They’ve actually pulled the baptisms out so you can view them much easier. They’re under “highlights” on the flash player. 🙂

I play the drums, yo

Tonight I decided that i wanted to hear how it sounded to everyone else when I played the drums so I recorded myself… then I decided it would be cool to hear it alongside what I was playing with in my headphones.



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