Love believes all things…

Today’s is a short one.

Fight for love… Fight to protect your connection. Believe all things. Bear all things. Hope. Don’t give up, don’t run away.

We have a choice to believe the best about others. We have a choice to say no to the voices of fear and insecurity and doubt and accusation.

Choose love.

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Sometimes it’s better not to have a plan… Or is it?

Well, my readers. It’s been a while. I keep trying to come up with great series and such, and promising these things before I’ve completed them – and then this or that falls through, or life happens and I am busy, and I don’t do it. So I’m tossing that out for now. Here I am. I’m just going to start writing. I’ve left this alone for too long.

Sometimes it’s better not to have a plan. Or is it?

Plans… expectations. I’ve been thinking about this – convenient segue, ain’t it?
The terms are sort of interchangeable, at least the way I use them. In fact, I think most often I think I’ve made plans when what I’ve really done was set an expectation. I think I need to redefine these terms. At the end of the day, I think what I am advocating isn’t a forsaking of plans, but a laying down of expectations and a clear line drawn between planning and setting an expectation. Goals and plans are helpful. The expectation that I will complete something to such and such a degree within x amount of time, that always does me in. I make grand expectations and call it planning – ha! Planning is so much more. Planning involves a – what a convenient phrase – PLAN of action! Expectation is just vision casting without a roadmap.

I am tired of not accomplishing what I set out to do because of my lack of well-laid plans. Of course, we also know that there is truth to the phrase about the best laid plans of mice and men (they often go awry), but developing a plan – not just a high expectation with no course of action – is at least a starting point.

SO, that being said, perhaps instead of setting an expectation to produce great material, I will just plan to write. Some great material will come. Maybe some not-so-great material, too. But I want to be able to look back a year from now and pick out the great from the not-so-great. So instead of promising great expectations, (wow, Sierra, so many high school literary references tonight), I come here to form a plan – my plan is to engage with this place two times per week. Twice a week. Not a specific day or time. If that means that next Sunday rolls around and I crack out two separate posts in one night, so be it. That’s a two-time minimum. I am hoping that momentum will get us more than just two a week. After some time, I will catalogue what I already have. Here’s to the process, and to the plan, and to whatever ways it may go awry, and once again to the journey because I think that is incredibly important.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Checking In

Hello friends, I wanted to leave you all with a short update about what has happened in my life:

Back in October I returned to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City from my support raising trip in Arizona. I spent 3 months primarily serving as a musician and worship leader in our inner city prayer room, at which point I limited my hours in the inner city so that I could become a camera operator for our 24/7 global live webstream. In late January, I also joined IHOPKC’s Nightwatch as a musician on Ashley Prior‘s worship team, helping lead musically for our unceasing global worship and prayer meeting in the night hours between midnight and 6 am. Needless to say, I’ve been a little busy, as I still have my hands in all of these service areas.


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Dear readers,

I must extend to you my sincerest of apologies. I got this blog back in gear just before heading across the country, without thinking about the situation into which I was moving! I have not had internet access at home since October and, as such, I have not been able to keep this blog updated with the workload I have undertaken now that I am back at IHOPKC as a full time intercessory missionary, musician, and whatever role for which I have the necessary skill/experience/willingness. Now that I have internet back at my home, I hope to get a few more interviews and posts up. Thank you all for your patience while I work on getting things back up to speed!

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Beginning a New Season

Hello, all!
Today I started a new season of my life and I’ve decided to keep the internet world up to date on my journey.

I have been living in Kansas City for about a year and a half now, and after a lengthy time of working and getting a few things in order in my house, I have enrolled in INTRO to IHOP, an internship at International House of Prayer. Today was our first day of orientation – I am official an Intern. I have been living here and serving in the missions base already, but I am finally moving towards doing this full-time! I am very excited for the season that is ahead and I hope to be sharing with y’all folks as the Lord does a work in this group of people on fire for the Lord. Feel free to subscribe to join with me in this journey. I hope to write things that serve as both a reminder to my own heart of what the Lord does in this season, as well as to encourage folks who aren’t here as to the testimony of the work of God’s hand in my life and in the lives of the people I am running with in this time.

A photo for your viewing pleasure behind the cut 😉


Worship Leading – Video…

Just wanted to share this video of me leading worship at a STREAMS gathering at the pastor’s house at Freedom City Church…can be viewed here

or hopefully on the embedded player here:

Sierra’s Worship from Chad Andresen on Vimeo.

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The big 10k

Thanks to all you readers… we officially passed 10,000 hits last night! 🙂

Again, feel free to submit requests for chord charts or bass lessons in the comments… I’ll do what I can!

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Stresses of life… Yet will I praise


Not unheard or unseen in the southwestern deserts of Arizona and West Texas. Get just a little bit outside of the city and it’s quite common to hear their yips and howls in the late hours of the night. Growing up in far north Phoenix, Arizona, I am quite accustomed to seeing coyotes.

What I am not accustomed to is hitting one at 11:30 pm 140 miles east of El Paso along I-10 at highway speeds. I’m not accustomed to having my car overheat in the middle of nowhere. I am not accustomed to being stuck in a motel for 2 nights and watching the little money I had left in my bank account go towards repairing an accident that shouldn’t have happened. The only money I had to survive on for the next few months – as long as I could make it last, at least. It was the money I was going to use to move, ideally to Kansas City, or to wherever I can go when my lease runs out in May.

This week has been difficult – no, this year has been difficult. Last May the Lord told me life was soon going to be different. (more…)

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Work hasn’t been steady. It’s a bummer. I don’t need a large income to break even, so it’s frustrating when I can’t even make that. I don’t want my gaze to be distracted by circumstances! I can live on less than $400 – really, probably less than $350 per month right now. That’s rent, bills, groceries, and gas. That’s breaking even. I haven’t been completely without income. It just isn’t steady.


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I’ll rejoice in His goodness

For some reason, there is something entirely less motivating about typing up an entry on someone else’s computer. Something about not having everything where I like having it if I should desire to pull up some resource, or something. I don’t know. Something just takes away from the flow of things.