God’s Big “If”

God cares intimately about our lives. He heals. He is real. People get up out of wheelchairs when He moves His hand. He is real, and our lives matter to Him. He loves us and desires us to love Him back. He has warned, though, when He walked the earth, that there is a way that leads to Him – it is narrow, and few find it, and it is only through Jesus Christ, and that there is an alternative road that is broad, and that it leads to destruction. Jesus said that there are many, many, many who will come to Him on That Day and they will say to Him “Lord!” and they will boast about what they did for Him while they lived their lives on this earth. However, He will say to them “Depart from Me, worker of lawless/iniquity, I never knew you.” (Matthew 7) This is the pinnacle of the Sermon on the Mount. After this, Jesus says that those who build their lives on the Sermon of the Mount are like the man who builds his house on the rock – and those who don’t are like the foolish man who built it on sand, and when trouble came, the storm washed it away. He meant for us to live out the Sermon on the Mount. Go read Matthew 5, 6, and 7, see for yourselves

Do you know Him? Jesus prayed before going to the cross in John 17. In this prayer He said that eternal life is to KNOW Jesus Christ. Do you know Him? Scripture says that we know we have come to know Him when we keep His commandments (1 John 2)
This is in line with Matthew 7.
Do you know Him?
Many are saying “Jesus just told us to love,” and this is true. This is very true. But what did Jesus say about love? He said that it is the summary of the commandments. The commandments are not burdensome, they are instruction to love God and to love others. We know we have come to love God when we love others, and we know we truly love others when we know the love of God. How can I say I am being loving when I am walking around despising someone else in jealousy, accusing God of not being a good provider and hating someone else for what God has given them? The commandments are instructions to love. They are the way to love. Jesus said love, and the commandments show us how.

It matters to Him, you matter to Him. He loves you. He loves enough to reach down out of heaven and heal a girl out of a wheelchair, simply because His people asked Him to.

He has asked something of His people, as well. He’s asked us to keep our eyes open, and to see when He is shutting up the heavens and sending a drought over the land, to see when He is trying to wake up a nation, and to respond accordingly: humility, repentance, seeking His face, and prayer.

What will you do, then? What is your response?
Will you stop up your ears to the shout of God, the very heavens crying out for us to WAKE UP, to follow the instructions He gave thousands of years ago – WHEN I shut up the heavens… WHEN… WHEN… WHEN… IF My people, who are called by My name… IF… IF… IF… IF they will humble themselves, seek My face, turn from their wicked ways, and IF they will pray… IF… THEN I will hear from heaven and heal their land… IF… IF, THEN. When, if, then. He has laid it out plainly. What will your response be?


A few memorable quotes from last night’s service

Here’s a play by play as I typed it yesterday



it’s 11:30 on a Tu morning and several hundred people are gathered in a room, worshiping Jesus, & have been for hours & hours and will be for hours & hours. Several HUNDRED. Signs, wonders, healings, deliverance, the Presence of God in a real way. http://www.ihop.org/Group/Group.aspx?ID=1000051963 Suddenly, big things… get really big and little things get really little and eternity becomes of utmost importance.


Just watched two people testify of healing that JUST occurred in the prayer room at IHOP – sciatic nerve pain GONE, uneven legs made even. Praise God! This is going on all night. 


He’s real, He’s here, and He’s after your soul!


a mighty move of the Holy Spirit…


Right now many of our parts is getting rocked with the Holy Spirit, but we’re all one body, so we can join in together. DC, CBC, Spokane, BU, KC, all believers are His body. He’s rocking us all over. Amen! The Lord’s pouring out His presence in KC right now..This very moment.


peoples’ hearing is getting healed left and right.”Now hold on one second… we just had about seven people stand up here and share about how they got healed. I want everyone to stop and lift your eyes to heaven and just thank the Lord for what He is doing and tell Him how you love Him.” -Allen Hood, RIGHT NOW


People are getting healed and delivered like it’s going out of style. And they just busted out a contemporary version of Handel’s Messiah…


“You’re My child, You know My voice, no more confusion!” the Lord is breaking off lies!


“The prayer&fasting, it’s about the NEW WINE!’The new wine is the power of My Spirit, being released into your spirit’you know what the new wine does to you? It causes you to do things that’re a little crazy,cuz the Lord is far beyond our comfort zone,we dont have the capacity for all that God wants to give us,the pray…er&fasting is unto the release of the new wine that makes the heart glad!”


“But the Lord did in 2 days what YEARS of counseling would have took! and He set me free, and I’m FREE!!!! AND THEN HE FILLED MY HEART WITH JOY! JOY!!!!!!! WOO! I’m His favorite!”


Weeping may endure for the night, but it’s only a season, so hold on, there is JOY in the MORNING… so hold on! Joy is gonna come, He’ll give you beauty for ashes, praise for heaviness, He’ll bring you joy! He’s the God of JOY! we trad our sorrows for joy!


Blessing and honor and glory and power forever, to the Lamb who is worthy!!! http://www.ihop.org/watch Free webstream runs 6pm to midnight all weekend! Paid webstream runs 24/7 and covers IHOP’s bandwidth cost for streaming high quality live video and music from the prayer room! God is pouring out a new measure of His Spirit at IHOP right now and I highly advise tuning in.


“I felt the embrace of the Father, and felt depression and hopelessness come off for the first time since I was 13… “