Happy Holiness…

I need more of this.

Wes Hall speaks on happy holiness, the spirit of the age, our eye gate, our ear gate, the things we give worth to and give our attentions to, the fear of the Lord… what we entertain ourselves with…


The Obesity Epidemic and Our Souls

As a health sciences major, I hear about the prevalence of obesity in our culture quite frequently class to class. “How is it,” it is so often proposed, “that such a thing has come about so quickly?”


I trust You, God.

It’s better to take refuge in You than to trust in princes.

All man’s empty promises lie broken at Your feet, but You have never broken one.

I will fear You and trust You above any other. I will lay my life in Your hands, You are my only lover. Only You sustain, You’re the lifter of my head, You’re my portion and my inheritence, my very present help, You’re my fortress, my stronghold, my strength and my shield. When the world rise against me, I will stand firm, for God is for me. I stand on His promises. I stand on His word. I stand on my heart’s cry, my “yes” to Him. I stand on my cry that I made yesterday, “Lord I trust You, God I want you, so if there’s anything that’s stopping me from getting all of You, take it away.”


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Mercy and the Fear of the Lord

Transcribed from a seminar on singing prophetic oracles. (more…)

The Fear of the Lord – Sermon – Hal Linhardt

My notes on Hal Linhardt’s sermon at Forerunner Christian Fellowship, 9/6/09.

-aside: His feet were nailed to a cross, He couldn’t walk… so that I could have feet shod with the gospel of peace.

We seems to be losing ground – each generation slips farther and farther into darkness… it’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion yet nothing can be done to stop it…We need to have a burden.

God can bless you in the morning in your time with Him, yet sweep you off your feet and knock you to the floor in judgment in the afternoon. Both are completely true to His love and character.

Judgment is coming, therefore pray and proclaim.


No more excuses.


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On the convergence of Scripture and popular sayings, and our tendency to forget which is which.

The other day, as I was lamenting about how most job opportunities out there would be frustratingly supportive of things I am rather opposed to (such as sleazy sales techniques, companies that fund things that are quite unholy, or even working in a place with a wall of TVs and secular music blaring, or selling/renting movies that would have been called pornography a few decades ago and now have a PG rating, etc.) a friend of mine was telling me about how the Bible says I am supposed to be in the world and not of it. In fact, that phrase has come up quite a few times lately.

But I’ve been thinking about it. Where is the address of that supposed verse?


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D.S. al Fine

D.S. al Fine: Return to the sign, and carry through until the end. (more…)

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