Luke Wood – The Man From Nazareth (I Would Give Anything) Chord Chart

Hey folks, here is a chord chart and lyrics for Luke Wood’s song – I’m not sure of a title for it, but it is the one that starts off “I belong to the man from Nazareth…” and has the “I would give anything, nothing withhold” chorus.



Interview with Jordan Marcotte – Prophetic Musician Series

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Jordan Marcotte. Jordan is an Intercessory Missionary and Worship LJordan Marcotteeader with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri (IHOPKC). I actually got to know Jordan while we were both helping lead worship at a small local house of prayer in his hometown in Kansas. Jordan has faithfully served in the local house of prayer as a worship leader and a musician, giving glory to God and singing for an audience of One. From there, he was able to serve as a watchman on the wall in the night as part of IHOPKC’s Nightwatch and Fire in the Night internship. He now serves as a full-time intercessor and musician at IHOPKC, on teams with both Misty Edwards and Audra Lynn. I was able to speak with him recently and pick his brain about his experiences in leading in the house of prayer.



Walking by Faith

Dear beloved blogosphere,

A few thoughts on walking by faith.

Earlier this year, I set out on a journey by faith. Really, that journey goes back much more than just this year, but for the sake of brevity, I am going to start at what has happened this year.
For the past two years, I have been living in Kansas City and have been involved with the International House of Prayer in a volunteer capacity. I know that the Lord has called me to full-time ministry – one must be fairly certain to take a fork in the road that is either medical school or ministry! It has been an arduous journey to walk it out, though. This past spring, through several situations in which “fleece” a la Gideon had been confirmed, I knew it was time to make that transition fully. I left my job and I enrolled in a training program called “Intro to IHOPKC.” Months later, I emerged from the program, ready to hop on IHOPKC staff in a full-time capacity.

Except there’s one more thing: Every member of IHOPKC staff has both the wonderful privilege and faith-building responsibility of raising their own monthly financial support. This helps us keep the prayer room free, the webstream free, our yearly Onething conference – you guessed it – free. It also functions to bring others in to the ministry we are doing, for one plants, another waters, but God brings the life. It is a ministry in itself! Our partners are just as much a part of what we are doing as those people on stage leading the prayer meeting, as those people off-camera running the sound and technology that allows us to broadcast to 200 nations, as those driving shuttles making sure the people who come to hear teachings have a way to get downtown to the Onething conference!

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. In order to walk on water, one must step out of the boat. So step I have, and I shall continue stepping until I have sought out and claimed the provision the Lord has for me.

One step of faith I am talking is in posting this blog entry – I know many of you have been blessed by the chord chart transcriptions I have posted, or by various thoughts I have shared. I want to ask you to prayerfully consider being a part of my partnership team. If this has stirred you, please look over on the sidebar to my pages and follow the “Support a Missionary” link to further instructions about how you, yes, YOU can become a part of my ministry team and help the incense of prayer and the songs of worship arise before the Lord day and night, night and day, until we see Him face to face.

Bless you and thank you

How You Wont Relent is REALLY Played…

Ok. So the other one is a good how-to for anyone with a 4 or 5 string bass. This video shows you how to play it as it’s actually played… to the best of my knowledge. On a 6 string bass. 🙂

Edit 8/6/10 I added a bass tab: Relent 6 String Bass Tab

Just a note – if you want to change keys, just remember that the song follows a basic 6/4/1/2 chord progression

How to Play You Wont Relent – Misty Edwards (Bass Intro)

Edit 8/6/2010: I added a 4-string tab: Relent Bass Tab

Hey all, I decided to make this video on how to play the bass intro to You Wont Relent on a 4-stringer. There seems to be a good number of how-to’s for this song on youtube, but I was looking through them and was getting annoyed that there was a part or two that people seemed to get consistently wrong – primarily, during the first part of the bass part, they were exactly mimicking the vocal line, but the bass part actually deviates from the vocal line in parts. . . and then the last chord, some people do as one note. And I’m almost positive it’s a chord.

Correct me if I’m wrong, please! But here is my way of playing it on a 4-string.

Just a note – if you want to change keys, just remember that the song follows a basic 6/4/1/2 chord progression

Prayer Room Funny…

Ok. Ever since this happened, for some reason I’ve been getting a good number of hits to this blog because people are looking for a particular funny from the prayer room earlier this week. I’ve decided to go to the webstream and snag out the clip people seem to be searching for.

Without further ado, here is the Misty Edwards “Cocoa Hot” story that y’all have been looking for!

I don’t speak officially for IHOP or anything. I’m just a person who thought this was hilarious, and noticed that people had been looking for it, so I’ve put it up for y’all. 🙂 Enjoy, and laugh. I know I did.

By the way, you can buy the original song on iTunes! I recommend the whole album.

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Misty Edwards – You Lift Me Up, Hallelujah! – Nov. 2008

This song has made my heart glad lately.

Oh, that You would rend the heavens… chord chart

I made this tonight for our worship band, figured I might as well throw it up here. Plunked out on guitar in a few minutes, don’t hurt me if chord names are off, legend is on the bottom. I just found some random chord name generator online and plopped in what I was playing and those are the names it gave.

A                             Amaj7

Oh that You would rend the heavens

Asus2                        A

Oh that You would rend the heavens (more…)

Insight: Biochemistry, and how it relates to my walk with Jesus

I have a key stuck in the drivers’ door of my car. It’s not a car key. It kind of looks like one, and it sure slid into the keyhole(put there by a roommate while I was gone), but the thing will not come out. I even had one of those lock picking companies take a look at it. They said that, in order to get the key out, the lock would have to be removed from the car, disassembled, the key removed, and the lock reassembled. I promise, this plays in.


Preview Misty Edwards’ new album(s)

Big news: they just announced that Misty Edwards will be releasing two new albums on December 28th, 2009.

One of them (Fling Wide) is a live album, and the other (Point of Life) is a studio album with a rather unique sound. Something very interesting about Point of Life is that it heavily features Dave Wiens on the Chapman Stick, which is an incredibly versatile instrument. It sounds to me that the song “Eyes for only You” includes the Udu drum as well, which is a drum I actually recently became very interested in due to its unique sound. I’m not positive on this, but pretty sure!

To hear samples from the album as well as the official descriptions, please visit this page on Forerunner Media Group’s website.

You know, how about this. I’ve included a couple of great videos of the Chapman Stick and the Udu drum, because those instruments are incredibly interesting. Check out the Hang as well. I am fascinated by these instruments, such a unique sound, good to see that Misty’s new album will incorporate them. (Aside: I don’t think there’s any hang drum on her album but it’s just a really neat instrument.)