Interview with Genevra Collins – Part 1 – Prophetic Musician Series

I’m excited to continue our interview series with musicians and worship leaders in the house of prayer. For the first interview in the series, check out my interview with Jordan Marcotte. Today I am sharing part one of an interview I did with my friend and worship leader, Genevra Collins. I was fortunate to get a moment of her time while she was taking a break from recording her debut EP, Falling Awake. More on that later, though…

I first met Genevra shortly after moving permanently to Kansas City. She needed a bassist, and a mutual friend had heard that I played and was looking for a team. She gained a bassist, I gained a team, and we both gained a great friendship! Genevra is a worship leader, singer, and an everything-ist musician in the house of prayer. She has filled many roles here at IHOPKC, but primarily serves with our inner city ministry called HopeCity. She also helped with the launch of a house of prayer on the east coast, and we’ll get to hear her talk about that in part two of the interview.



Interview with Jordan Marcotte – Prophetic Musician Series

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Jordan Marcotte. Jordan is an Intercessory Missionary and Worship LJordan Marcotteeader with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri (IHOPKC). I actually got to know Jordan while we were both helping lead worship at a small local house of prayer in his hometown in Kansas. Jordan has faithfully served in the local house of prayer as a worship leader and a musician, giving glory to God and singing for an audience of One. From there, he was able to serve as a watchman on the wall in the night as part of IHOPKC’s Nightwatch and Fire in the Night internship. He now serves as a full-time intercessor and musician at IHOPKC, on teams with both Misty Edwards and Audra Lynn. I was able to speak with him recently and pick his brain about his experiences in leading in the house of prayer.



Prophetic Musicianship: A Guide – Series

I’d like to introduce a second series I will be writing in the next months: Prophetic Musicianship.

This will be a co-series with my Harp & Bowl series. This series of posts will focus on the musicianship side of things, such as practicing your instruments and mindsets to take while playing prophetically that help the music support the worship that is being done, submitting to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and helping the room follow where He’s going. Music has an ability to alter the atmosphere and emotion in the room in a way that words alone cannot. This places an utmost importance on the musicians’ ability to play and express the emotions that are being communicated through the Word. This is the core of prophetic musicianship.

I am now taking questions that you may have about playing prophetically so I can tailor this series around what you would like to know. Please email me at with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!

A Change of Seasons

“All I can say is I feel that there’s a new season…”

I was visiting International House of Prayer KC over Thanksgiving break, and ran into a friend of mine who is on staff there, who is very prophetic. There’s a certain rule there about people prophesying to visitors about coming to live at IHOP. It makes sense. He has asked me my plans, and I had jokingly told him “You’re prophetic, you tell me!”

That was his response.

I didn’t blow it off, but I didn’t know what to make of it either. I lived at IHOP for the summer of 2009 and I love that place, I would love to spend a season of my life there, at least a few years, even 10 years, and preferably a very near season!

Then I got back to Texas, and in more than one conversation the idea of a new season came up. “Ok, Lord, I get what You’re saying.”

But I still don’t know what it looks like. I can definitely feel the shift in the air, like that subtle warm sun on a chilly winter day indicating new life is just around the corner. Indicating that the season of rain is coming. Indicating that the seeds that have been sown, that have been buried under drifts of snow and that have died, will soon be springing to life.

Ok. I hope there’s more than just poetic language to those statements. I hope it’s time for new life. I pray that the change of seasons is upon me. I wonder what it means. I wonder if it means that He’s paving a path to IHOP-KC for me.

Or not?

Whatever He has planned, He knows best. I deeply desire to be in Kansas City.

Right now, I am listening to Cassie Campbell & team in the prayer room, and they are singing “You who started a good work in me will be faithful to complete it, and on the day I see Your face I will shine.”

It’s very applicable. Wherever I am, as long as I remain with my gaze fixed on His face, I will do well. He’s the purpose. He’s the same wherever I am. . .

So here I am, just waiting for what He has in store… looking for signs of a new season….

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Mercy and the Fear of the Lord

Transcribed from a seminar on singing prophetic oracles. (more…)